7 Tips To Get To Know You Better And Be More Productive At Work

7 Tips To Get To Know You Better And Be More Productive At Work

Knowing ourselves helps us to better manage time, therefore we can improve our productivity and efficiency in the work and the conciliation with our personal life.

Everyone wants to be more productive. Especially now in the new year, people are thinking about what they would like to do differently than the previous year.

The problem with many of the production plans, however, is that they depend on changing our lives to adapt to what someone says will work, instead of stopping to get to know oneself well and deciding how to schedule our time accordingly.

While we are seduced by others’ plan for our life, we leave our portfolio completely open when it comes to paying for help with time management. It seems good to us every new system that appears to manage our life and we always end up thinking that it will be the answer to all our problems.

The truth is that there is nobody but ourselves with the answers to our needs on time management. What we need to discover them is to know ourselves. It is when we understand each other well enough, that we are able to establish time management systems for our work and for our personal lives that really work.7 Tips To Get To Know You Better And Be More Productive At Work

1. Determine if we are early risers or night owls

We must work when it is most natural for us. For some people the best time to be productive is right when getting up, for others, instead, it is in the tranquility of the night when they get the best levels of productivity. As far as possible, respecting these schedules will optimize our working time.

2. Understanding our needs

We are all different. There are people whose idea of getting up early in the morning to go on a date causes them insomnia 99 percent of the time, even when they are related to someone or something they want to do. For this reason, it is recommended that this type of people schedule their meetings and appointments from mid-morning, so they can rest and be clearer for the day.

We can extrapolate this example to other needs or concerns, trying to adapt our daily agenda to them.

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3. Imagine that which mitigates feeling overwhelmed

The things that overwhelm us point to where we need to pay more attention and make changes. When there is a situation or a problem that overwhelms us, we must take a moment to determine how we can reduce this feeling.

For example, in front of a problem that worries us, we tend to feel overwhelmed, that is when we must face the situation at the root and make decisions, instead of wasting time looking for a way not to take risks.

The overwhelming feelings accompany poor strategic decisions, such as pilot tests on projects or jobs for a client whose attitude is contrary to ours, we must imagine what would reduce the feeling of overwhelming. One way to do it would be by making different decisions or ways of dealing with projects.7 Tips To Get To Know You Better And Be More Productive At Work

4. Consider if it is better for us to work in a community or prefer to be alone

Some people have difficulty performing their work in solitary environments, as they need a buzz of noise around them. Others find that their concentration plummets when others are talking.

Instead of trying to make an effort to become a different person, the key is to find places and spaces where you can work in the way you like.

If we work from home but we need some noise around us, we can look for co-working spaces. If, however, we work in a noisy and busy office and need tranquility, we can use headphones or even earplugs, always trying not to answer rudely if someone needs our attention.

5. Set priorities

If for our business we do not believe it is important to spend the day updating the profiles of social networks, we must find the most appropriate way to connect with our public without having to be constantly twittering. Or if, on the contrary, it is necessary, we can hire someone to manage social communication.

It is about knowing what is important and relevant to our business and organizing it so that it occupies a time proportionate to the level of relevance.

6. Be aware of our natural abilities and take advantage of them

If writing is not our strong point, then we should try to make someone with more knowledge of this art manage the company’s blog. If dealing with people is one of our natural graces, let’s try that when it comes to connecting with customers, we should be the ones who resolve difficult situations in meetings, complicated phone calls, or help with attracting new customers.7 Tips To Get To Know You Better And Be More Productive At Work

7. Know what drives you from bad to worse

When you are having a bad day, it is important to know and understand what makes us feel even more out of focus so as not to let the situation overtake us. For example, if we feel insecure about the growth of our company, we may move from feeling bad to worse when we read about the growth of a competitor’s profitability.

Although it seems obvious, many entrepreneurs who feel trapped and struggling because their business is going through a bad time, decide to connect to Facebook to disconnect their concerns. But far from helping, scanning in this social network only causes more insecurity and concerns.

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Productivity is not obtained through the panacea that other claims to know. What is really important knows how we work, how we work, what worries us and what calms us. Once we have all this information we can create our own time management systems that nourish and support our products, and therefore our work or our own business.

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