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You might not think about the floor beneath you but there are armies of designers and artists that are giving it a lot of thought. The traditional viewpoint is the eye line and generally above it. This is a shame because the floor is where you spend most of your time and your feet deserve the best don’t they? Before we look at some examples it might be an idea to visit a Commercial Contract Flooring Cheltenham company to make sure you get the flooring of your dreams.

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  1. The use of Mosaics – The earliest form of fine flooring is that developed by the Greeks and Romans. This is the development of the mosaic. This is the use of small cubed pieces of clay and stone that are arranged to make a picture or pattern. The mosaicists were highly skilled in their plans plus they were able to use heat to change the stones colours allowing them something of a pallet through light and dark browns to black. In other Mediterranean countries they also had access to different colours. These had to be very hard wearing as many of them were placed of the heating channels of a hypocaust.

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  1. Victorian flooring tiles. The Victorians were the first to begin with using the pattern style. There are many of these hidden away under carpets which is a shame as they are quite beautiful. The development of the use of ceramics was the key. Ceramics are simply clay but they represent a pretty much plank canvas for what design they can arrange. The adding of costings and chemicals meant that the Victorians were able to choose a set pattern. They were similar in many ways to the mosaic as tiles could be cut to make whatever shape or pattern. They are extremely hard wearing and you generally see them in the hallways of the Victorian home so that the members of the house don’t mess the carpet up.
  2. Wood flooring. Wood flooring was the norm for many of us but it was eschewed for the carpet and the warmth that this would bring. Now we are starting a see a return to the original wood. In some cases this is the restored floor with a bit of wood polish and preserver but it is also an option that can be purchased and added instead.
  3. Compound Rubber. Easy to spread across the floor. It is a bit cheerless but very practical.

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