Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

It is no news that Alfa Romeo likes to create much anticipation around its new models. Every time they enjoy more begging to introduce new products, but the truth is that the latest news deserve. We are still missing all the details to discover what will be the latest launch in SUV format of the brand, Stelvio, but the wait is slowly coming to an end and we will see it at the next Los Angeles Show in less than a month.

Alfa Romeo StelvioThe first to discover the new strategy of the Italian manufacturer was the Giulia, but undoubtedly, the SUV segment is the one that grows the most and had to be present in it. In fact, they will do so in a big way, as the Milanese firm is preparing two different SUVs. The first of them, belonging to the segment D and known in the US, will be called to compete against models such as the Audi Q5 or BMW X3, while later we will know a second larger and more luxurious model based on the Maserati Levante for To face the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE (yes, we would not see it until 2018 and first in the Chinese and American markets).Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Focusing on the Stelvio, which will be the first that we know, we must say that this is a really successful name for a vehicle of this class, as the name refers to the paved mountain pass of the highest elevation of the eastern Alps. As with the Giulia, there will be rear and full-wheel drive versions, as both will share platform and, most likely, much of the mechanical range.

Everything indicates that Alfa Romeo has chosen the US appointment to present its new SUV with the aim of entering again in this great and juicy market.

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If so, there would be several 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines among which there will be several turbodiesel options, all of which are crowned by a powerful double turbo V6 and 2.9 liters with a power around 500 CV. Aesthetically, design details are difficult to distinguish in the spy shots we’ve seen so far, but we can predict a prominent grill that will be flanked by the brand’s signature thin headlights and large under-air intakes.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Alfa Romeo Stelvio

In the rear, there will be a lack of a soft drop roof with certain coupe airs, a double exhaust system and surround pilots. Regarding the interior, this will be very similar to the new star sedan of the manufacturer, and if a few months ago we are not mistaken when affirming that Lorenzo Ramaciotti – the legendary car designer – was sitting in the back door of the Stelvio, something you can see in This image that Ralph Gilles, Head of Design of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group (FCA), uploaded to his Instagram account.Alfa Romeo Stelvio

On the other hand, in terms of performance, Reid Bigland , the brand’s top manager in the United States, recently affirmed to  Car & Driver  that the Stelvio will offer extraordinary performance both in acceleration and in circuit figures , which could mean that the first todocamino of the mark has been proposed aimed at overcoming the fastest lap marked by an SUV in the famous Green Hell, set at 7 minutes and 59 seconds the  Porsche Cayenne Turbo S .

Apparently, Alfa Romeo will begin production of the Stelvio in Cassino during the fourth quarter of this year, which means that if there is no delay; sales would begin in the first quarter of 2017. After presenting this model, the Italian manufacturer will announce a SUV of the upper segment, a luxury sedan and a pair of spiders…

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