Are these the world’s most unique trucks?

Some big trucks dazzle us anyway with their colour, size and lights, but what happens when a truck is totally transformed?

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Below we introduce some of the most unique trucks in the world. Examples range from America, where vehicles are larger than life, to Japan, where they stand out with their bright colours.


Dekotora in Japanese means ‘Decorated Trucks’. These vehicles are decorated with an array of neon lights and chrome, and vary from elegant to bizarre. They are inspired by the movie series ‘Trucker’ from 1975 and are now famous as the Trucks of Japan.

As well as the exterior extravaganza, the interior may also be decorated with designer fabrics. Incredibly, these trucks are still fully functional.

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Sauna trucks

Sauna trucks hail from Russia – they make the ideal place to relax after a long day at work. Saunas are a tradition for people keeping warm in the snow in Russia and often involve vodka.
These vehicles are specially conditioned to offer the true sauna experience.

Colani’s concept truck

German industrial designer Luigi Colani is known for innovative design. His space age-looking truck exemplifies this approach. First versions of the truck minimised fuel consumption by up to 25%. The turbo-charged diesel engine now helps with this reduction as fuel consumption is influenced by design, with an aerodynamic shape enabling a smooth drive.

Big Rig Jig

A curvy shape is formed by two bendy tanker trucks, one balancing on top of the other. This sculpture in the USA used two decommissioned trucks to create the thought-provoking piece. These trucks can’t be used, although you can go into the bottom truck and climb up to the top.

Artist Mike Ross created the sculpture in 2007 and it took three months to construct.

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Pakistani Truck Art

With their bright colours, these trucks resemble gypsy caravans. This sort of decorated truck comes from Pakistan. They are an art form and teams of people devote much time to painting them. Often the trucks were down at heel and ready for the scrap heap.

There are no rules when decorating a truck. Painters may use them to display pride in a vehicle or to honour a celebrity.

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