Basic Tips Curvy Girls Clothing
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Basic Tips Curvy Girls Clothing

On this occasion I share many tips of what to me has worked for me so far still a curvy girl , are consejitos that you help your image go according to your body, and is data that help you not only when you want to dress to go to a party, if they are for the day, and most importantly to feel better about yourself.

Basic Tips Curvy Girls Clothing
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basic fashion tips for girls curvy

Accessorize your outfit to draw attention to those details and not the air that will cause “conflict”.
Use scarves or scarves that are very thick make you look more robust, it is best to choose those that are light.
Use heels! No need to be 15 cm, height and width to make you feel comfortable that luzcas achieve higher and stylized.

Always walk with well straighter back, he pulls the buttocks, lifts the bust and that will help you feel confident in yourself and above all to project confidence.

Every woman curvy has a nice breasts and neck, uses those resources and chooses necklines in V or round that highlight your attributes.

Combine the dark colors with bright colors , we know of optical illusions and how the black color makes a body look slimmer, but unless you do not intentionally get dressed completely in black every day, experience and combines colors.

Never leave home without looking before a mirror back and ahead, sometimes only we focus on how the outfit looks at the front and we do not start thinking about how it looks on the back, and what you we can improve our silhouette to look balanced.

Basic Tips Curvy Girls Clothing
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Pay close attention to detail , learn to makeup, comb your hair and asseverate to be the best goes with your figure, fix your nails, these are things that will improve your appearance and reflect safety.

Use the right underwear , do not use too tight or loose, choose the right size. I assure you that a good bra will make your figure look more structured.

Honestly, the most important thing is your safety so we focus on feel good to accomplish reflect that to others and especially to yourself.

Find the parts you like about your body and retaliates.

Study how your body type to find out what works best for you and from there to experiment.
Loose clothing is not always the best solution, try always tight and they are of a size garments.

Here are some tips that have helped me to improve confidence in myself, and the truth is that it is very important to me to convey the different tips and ways to us curvy girls can help us look even better, because we have many traits that make us unique and there is nothing better to learn to accept your body as it is and give it a bit of fun to your look.

Basic Tips Curvy Girls Clothing
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I invite you to try any of these tips and currents me in the comments section if you have worked or if you know any information that can help us highlight our curves.

Thank you for reading!

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