Cameras to be rolled out to BTP officers

Cameras are set to be rolled out to British Transport Police officers by March 2018. These high-tech devices will act as an independent witness by filming audio and video exactly as and how it happens. This is a more reliable source than asking a witness, who may know the offender and stick up for them by making a statement that is not completely true.

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Quicker justice for victims

The cameras used in a trial run to find out whether the new system would work provided much quicker justice for the victims. Members of the public were informed that everything was being recorded in audio and video, which was then uploaded to secure servers.

The trial also proved effective in protecting the officers against malicious complaints; in addition, the public found the body worn camera a reassurance when they travelled on British transport systems, such as trains.

These high-tech cameras are manufactured by companies such as The recordings can also be used as evidence in court and for other legal proceedings, with an article in the Independent explaining how this technology is changing the criminal justice system.

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The many advantages of such technology include:

– Acting as a deterrent to antisocial behaviour.
– Helping officers to identify suspects.
– Reducing the amount of paperwork police must complete, meaning they can spend more time out in the community where they are needed most.
– Stronger evidence for court. As there is a video and audio recording of exactly what happened and exactly what was said, no lies can be told.
– Spotting crime.
– More successful prosecutions.
– Speeding up justice for victims.
– Helping the public to feel safer on public transport, as there is an officer there with a body camera helping to reduce the risk of a problem.
– Making everything more fair and transparent, as there is proper evidence.

2,840 cameras will be introduced across England, Wales and Scotland; of course, the officers will be provided with training on how to use them. The cameras will not be constantly recording and any video and audio that is not required as evidence for any police or court case will be automatically deleted within 31 days to ensure the privacy of the public is protected.

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