The Concept Is The Basis Of Your Wedding

The Concept Is The Basis Of Your Wedding

Fashionable wedding stylists on the pages of international wedding editions unanimously reiterate that at the heart of every modern wedding the concept should lie. It seems that a wedding without a thoughtful concept like a dinner without dessert or a summer vacation without the sea, you can get along, but all the time it seems that something is missing. Today we will talk about what is so important about the wedding concept and why you need it so much.The Concept Is The Basis Of Your Wedding


The concept is designed as a good script in a film or a libretto in an opera to combine everything that happens in one story. She gathers together all the details, starting from the images of the bride and groom, finishing with wedding printing, floristry and even the kind of wedding cake.

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If you follow beautiful wedding stories, real weddings and stylized shots that appear in specialized blogs, then most likely you have noticed how each photo and every detail in such series tells its part of the story, while ideally integrating into a common outline, like pieces of a puzzle in one beautiful picture.

The Concept Is The Basis Of Your Wedding

Theme, style, concept

All these concepts at first glance tell us about the same thing. However, this is not quite true. The theme of the wedding, in its general style, can be chosen from the list of fashionable at the moment options. For example, a couple of years ago the super-fashionable theme for weddings and celebrations was the era of the “golden” of the 1920s, the Great Gatsby and the artistic style of Art Deco. In this and the upcoming season, the eco-weddings are held the palm tree, the proximity to nature and natural color palettes are in vogue. Therefore, choosing the theme or style of the wedding, you can focus on external resources. With the concept, the situation is reversed. Search for the concept is necessary, starting with yourself, i.e. based on your love story, your personal experience, your preferences, and tastes. Only in this way, your wedding concept will find flesh and your wedding will become truly personalized,

The Concept Is The Basis Of Your Wedding

Personal style

In fact, what needs to be done before starting any decorating or design preparation for a wedding is to try to put together a potentially attractive and suitable wedding style with your personal history, details, palettes that mean something for you. This thought process actually only looks laborious, in fact, it is very logical and full of meanings, both objective and generally valid, so subjective and of special importance only for you.

The Concept Is The Basis Of Your Wedding

Thinking about your concept, build on your vision, but do not lose your head, taking into account the background factors. Make a beach wedding in a city restaurant will be problematic, but add to the wedding design stylish elements that remind you how much you are attached to the sea, much easier. And if you hang fishing nets all over the solemn hall, then your wedding will be thematic, and if you pick up special “personal” details, for example, silk ribbons of marine shades, a small anchor on the groom’s boutonniere and seating cards with illustrations of marine inhabitants, your wedding will be personalized. So do not pursue trends blindly, but create your story, look back on them and choose what you like and really fit.

The Concept Is The Basis Of Your Wedding

Time checking

If you have any doubts about how well the concept you have assembled is good and stylish in the universal sense of the word, subject it to a test of time. Fashion changes, but the notion of good taste remains unchanged. Think about when you will be viewing wedding photos in 10 years, whether you will remember the connection between all the details and whether you will continue to consider your wedding as the most beautiful love story that can rightly be proud of. Maybe you will find that it’s pointless to decide such questions now when preparing your wedding, but it’s definitely worth it.


You not only look at the concept of the wedding from the side, which, perhaps, will push you to make some important changes to the original plan, but still give you a sense of “timelessness” of your wedding. Your story, in the end, will not be tied to a specific decade, specific trends and fashion, it just will be beautiful. Equally beautiful for both yourself and your future children and even grandchildren.

The Concept Is The Basis Of Your Wedding

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