Five Drills Your Hockey Team Should Try Out

Drills are a way for you and your team to hone your technique, build on strengths and address weaknesses. They are also a good opportunity to test out new formations and styles in a more relaxed setting than an actual game.


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Playing team sports can have benefits for both mental and physical health. You can join a team near you or encourage others to do the same by checking out the NHS Change4Life website to get involved. Whether you are a coach or a player, to get the most out of your team, try out a few of the drills below.


Passing and shooting are essential skills and this drill is a great way to assess a players’ attention span and build their concentration. It is a great drill to perform after warming up, and can be either stationery or while moving. Shooting is also not only a way to assess the accuracy of players’ shots but also the talent, ability, and focus of the goalie.

One on One

One on one drills are an opportunity to assess the skills of the forwards and the power of your defence. For forwards, watch for speed and precision. Talented players will also make an effort to successfully create scoring chances. Paying close attention to any footwork issues and body positioning of the defence is also especially helpful in this drill.

Skating Drill

Skating drills are a great way to start the tryouts or training. They instantly give an indication of technique, ability, and natural footwork. For a field hockey drill video or other drills for on the ice, check out reputable sites online. Try typing “where can I get a hockey drill video?” into a search engine or ask for the recommendations of coaches and teammates.

Goal Scoring

A goal scoring drill is great for more offensive skills, but also allows goalies to hone their talent and experience too. It can be the most fun of all the drills.

Battle Drill

At the end of a session, a battle drill can allow players to shine and show personality on the field or the ice. This is essentially an opportunity to try out match-ups that you want to see and would use in a game situation. Coaches may find it helpful to take notes to evaluate players during this drill.

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