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Most of us think we know quite a bit about advertising and marketing. After all, we all see quite enough adverts every day. In fact, advertising is almost ubiquitous in our Western world. We see adverts on billboards at the roadside, on our buses and trains and in our newspapers and magazines. Turn on the TV or radio and you will find adverts punctuating the programme schedule (with the honourable exception of the BBC). Now try to imagine if there was only one company which decided which adverts we would see and where we would see them. And what if that company used a robot to assess every business and decide if their products were worthy of such advertising?

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A Single Marketing Channel?

If that seems like something from a science fiction novel, consider the case of the internet and Google. As reported by the BBC, Google controls around 90% of the search market in the UK. That percentage may go up or down a little, but it has remained around 90% for quite some time. This level is dominance is probably unique in modern business, and it creates a number of issues for internet marketers.

Chief among these is understanding how the Google algorithm works. As reported by CNN, Google regularly updates its algorithm. Some updates are fairly easy to understand and specific, in this case improving rankings for mobile-friendly websites on mobile devices, but other changes seem far more mysterious. These changes can be of great importance to online retailers. After all, with 90% of the search market, Google can usefully be considered to be the only game in town. The stakes can be particularly high for any web business. If you come top on a search results page for your website and its content due to your great concept you can expect up to 30% of the clicks coming from that page, and with Google’s huge user numbers, that can mean an astonishing amount of business. To get some help with this you could contact a Web Design Yorkshire company at sites like who will help you each step of the way creating a site specific to you. Conversely, if an algorithm tweak sees a business fall off the first page of search results, it can be disastrous for that business.

Understanding the Algorithm

This makes it an absolute necessity to understand and keep on top of any changes to the way Google compiles its search results, and this discipline forms a core part of the business of SEO experts and the work they do for clients. It also means that any companies considering web design in Worcestershire need to consider Google and SEO from the very outset when building their web presence.

It makes good business sense to seek the advice of experts in this complex field, and retaining the services of a reputable SEO company on an ongoing basis is probably the best approach. In adopting this strategy, it is far easier for any online company to ensure that their website reacts rapidly to any changes deployed by Google. What should not be forgotten, however, is the actual customer or site visitor. It is their experience that Google ultimately seeks to enhance, so any website that achieves this is well on the way to a better ranking.

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