Great Ideas For The Little Ones

Great Ideas For The Little Ones

Great Ideas For The Little Ones

Great Ideas For The Little Ones? Today I’m going to get into the world a little baby and moms taking advantage of the fact that I have many friends around me, pregnant and new moms, and every time I see more great ideas to give to the little ones. So if you are like I and you are going to be mommy or have friends around to give away, take note of these online stores because you will love them!

Three are the stores that I have discovered and that have very cute things are: Leo and Lea Shop, Bel & Soph and Chispum, let’s see some of the little things they sell that will fill you with tenderness:

Great Ideas For The Little OnesLeo and Lea Shop is an online store that has just opened its doors and offers products as fun as these, 100% handmade. The cushions with the shape of cloud, star, owl, drop with fabrics to your choice and with the colors that you want, do not tell me that they are not ideal! An ideal gift that will accompany your baby and always remember with tenderness.

Great Ideas For The Little OnesBelandshop: it is one of those stores that you suddenly discover and you love everything in it. I am completely in love with this wooden bed headboard and the tipi tent … I, when I was little, I took a Saturday and put myself on top of the plan, hahaha, so much better!

Great Ideas For The Little OnesI’ve known this store for a long time because I’m a fan of vinyls but I never noticed how many of them there are for the little ones. I continue with the headboards and is that the princess and king have brought me a smile and I think they can look great in the rooms of a smaller. Another great idea is the meter; in addition these vinyls can stick and take off when you want.

Mr Wonderful: We have already taken out this shop sometime and it is more than known to all, and it has ideal things. I bring this body and bib that I am not sure if it is a gift for the baby or for the father because more than one will drop the drool watching your little one with these messages.

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