How does a spray booth filter system work

Professional paint spraying needs a clean environment to achieve a quality finish. The most common way to achieve this is by using a booth so spraying can be done in a controlled space. Debris in the air is a major cause of paint flaws; this is part of the reason that spray booths have a filtration system to prevent dust and other particles from the air making their way into the paint. Filters can also help to remove harmful fumes to ensure that employees have a safe working space.

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What do filters do?

A filter is used to screen contaminants out of the air. Spray booths have different types of filters. Intake filters ensure that clean, fresh air is entering the boot. Exhaust filters take the toxic fumes out of the air before expelling them to the outside. There are also make-up filters on the air lines that feed your spray guns.

The filters on the exhaust side will get dirty faster and will need to be changed more frequently than those on the intake side. Exhaust filters usually need to be changed after around 60 hours of use, while intake filters may last for a few months. Changing the filters regularly ensures continued safe operation of the booth.

Filter characteristics

Spray booth filters from suppliers like have different characteristics. These include the composition of the fibre used, the thickness, the shape and the loft rating.

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You need to choose the right shape of filter for your booth. A high loft rating is best, and a thicker and more fibrous filter will be more effective. Filters also differ depending on whether your booth is a cross-draft or down-draft type. Down-draft types need a filter that is able to offer even coverage in order to produce a smooth finish.

Filters are usually located in frames, and these can be found in the sides of the booth or in the doors. They are sometimes located in the roof or floor of the booth. Check the maker’s documentation for your particular booth to make sure that you know where all the filters are. It’s vital that you change all of the filters on the same side – intake or exhaust – together to ensure the continued, safe operation of your booth.

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