How To Choose A Carpet For The Bedroom?

How To Choose A Carpet For The Bedroom?

The bedroom is a private zone, a place for rest and relaxation, therefore it is worthwhile to furnish and decorate it thoughtfully and with taste, considering the smallest nuances. Someone prefers to twist a cozy nest, having decorated it with delicate textiles and statues, someone chooses brutality and outrageous, but in any case, a carpet on the floor would be appropriate in this room. Soft flooring gives the bedroom a coziness, unites scattered pieces of furniture, helps to create a harmonious atmosphere, after all, it is pleasant to stand on it with bare feet.

A variety of natural, mixed and synthetic products allows you to choose the best option of any type, size, and style. The range of models for a long time is not limited to the same type of ornaments of the Soviet sample (although today they are again in trend), but how among all this abundance to choose the perfect carpet? How to properly place it and what criteria to focus on when buying?

How To Choose A Carpet For The Bedroom?

Floor Size

Choosing interior items, many buyers are primarily guided by their value. On the purchase of a bed, a mattress cannot be saved, because the quality of sleep depends on it. But in the case of cheap carpet, the appearance of the bedroom will suffer, so you should not give up large and fleecy models in order to save, besides today there are a lot of large-sized products with a synthetic and mixed nap at affordable prices.

When choosing the size of the carpet in the bedroom, refer to the size of the room and bed. Large floor coverings are appropriate in both large and small rooms, but in any case, it is necessary to take into account the arrangement of furniture, what place the bed occupies in the bedroom, and whether there are other areas in it (for example, a work corner, a lounge chair or a dressing table). For a spacious bedroom, it is possible to arrange a large carpet in the center of the room with the addition of bedside rugs or paths on both sides of the bed, with a little fluffy or fur accessories near the armchair, dressing table. In this case, the central element will combine the rest into a single composition using texture, color or shape. In the small bedroom, put one or two lanes near the bed.

How To Choose A Carpet For The Bedroom?

If you prefer to fill most of the floor with a carpet (which is appropriate in rooms of any size), choose it so that the free distance from the floor to the walls is at least 40-50 centimeters. A medium-sized carpet is spread so that it protrudes from both sides of the bed and from under its foot to at least 40 centimeters. Bedside tables do not have to be placed on the carpet. The point is that when you get out of bed, you should bare feet not on a bare floor, but on a soft carpet.

If at the foot of the bed there is a stool, a chest or soft ottomans, the carpet should also protrude 40-50 centimeters from under them. Similar proportions should be observed if the bed is not placed back, and the side to the wall, close or at a short distance.

How To Choose A Carpet For The Bedroom?

Carpet shape

Carpet manufacturers have long moved away from a single standard in the production of textiles. Today in the free sale are flooring in the form of:

  • square;
  • a rectangle;
  • diamond;
  • circle;
  • in the form of animal skin, any geometric and fancy contours.

Which carpet is better to lay in the bedroom? The answer lies in the effect you would like to achieve. A diagonal carpet distracts attention from the disproportions of the room. Rectangular and square coverings usually repeat the shape of the room and bed, emphasizing the correct geometry of the room. This is the traditional option, appropriate in most interiors.

How To Choose A Carpet For The Bedroom?

If your bedroom is replete with round objects and furnishings (ottomans, pillows, chairs, sleek chairs), a rectangular carpet will give the room severity, balance excessive softness, and femininity. Oval and round carpets, as well as products resembling animal skin contours, will soften the right angles of the furnishings and support the general trend of smooth shapes in a room with a round bed. In a large bedroom with a fireplace, a console, armchairs, a fantasy carpet will become a bright accent, emphasize the overall style and visually demarcate the room into several zones (recreation, communication, reading corner).

How To Choose A Carpet For The Bedroom?

The color and pattern of the carpet in the bedroom

Correctly choose the scheme of all shades used in the decoration of walls, floors, furniture, and textiles will help to choose the right color of the carpet in the bedroom. You can take as a basis one of the basic tones prevailing in the interior (background wallpaper, curtains, furniture color) and choose a carpet of exactly the same shade or a couple of tones lighter or darker. Want a bright change? Then take accent colors as the basis – prints on textiles, curtains, wallpaper design, accessories, figurines or a picture on the wall.

How To Choose A Carpet For The Bedroom?

It is believed that bright, pastel, delicate cold shades of saturated colors (lime, turquoise, blue, silver-gray) visually increase the room, make it more spacious, so this range is suitable for small bedrooms. Warm and rich tones are appropriate in large rooms. Pay attention to the lighting: if the windows overlook the sunny side, it is better to stop the choice on cold shades, and if the sun rarely looks to you, the situation will be yellow, orange, mustard-colored or tangerine.

A large pattern or print on the carpet should be combined with similar motifs in the rest of textiles, both in style and in color. He has no place in a small bedroom. If you are not inclined to visual experiments, it is better to give preference to dim tones or plant motifs, small patterns or ornaments, because an accent carpet with bright large colors or a geometric print can quickly get bored. In any case, the pattern should be unobtrusive, not irritate the eyes and be in harmony with the bedroom interior.

How To Choose A Carpet For The Bedroom?

Pile length and material

Shaggy, soft carpet – the dream of coziness and comfort. It’s nice to stand up, sit, lie down, play with children. But both high-quality woolen carpet, and synthetic products that imitate fur skins need regular cleaning, so if you have young children who constantly spill something, sprinkle and paint, or pets, you still have to give up this dream. Smooth and short pile models are easy to use and easy to clean. They are much more practical products with a long nap.

Models of natural wool and silk are of the highest quality and durable, often it is – handmade products, and therefore such carpets are expensive. The budget option – synthetic models of acrylic, polyester, polyamide, nylon. Artificial materials are more amenable to staining; if you need a brightly colored carpet or with an intricate print, look for synthetic and blended products. Unlike natural carpets, dust mites do not start in synthetic carpets, they are safe for allergy sufferers and young children. Good artificial material – polyester, it is resistant to dirt. Polyamide and nylon do not fade in the sun, keep the pile well, soft to the touch, easy to clean. Acrylic is as soft as natural wool but needs frequent cleaning.

How To Choose A Carpet For The Bedroom?


The drawing and color of the carpet, its shape should correspond to the general style of the room, harmoniously complementing the interior. For Mediterranean-style bedrooms, in the spirit of Provence, artificially aged flooring is appropriate, with a slightly faded or faded pattern. In the bedroom of rustic style, you can lay a handmade carpet in the style of patchwork or knitted carpet. For the Scandinavian style, carpets of bright shades with geometric prints and long pile products of different colors are appropriate.

How To Choose A Carpet For The Bedroom?

Fluffy carpet of white, gray, cream color is an elegant addition to the modern and classic bedroom. To revive a gray, plain or just boring interior will help a carpet with an oriental ornament in the Moroccan style, similar textiles, and accessories (vases, pillows, rug, flower pots, curtains). Remember that there are no strict rules in choosing the color, shape, and length of the nap of the floor covering, the main thing is that the carpet is in harmony with the overall design of the bedroom and like its owners, creating a cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

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