How to choose your engagement ring’s metal band

Choosing the metal for your engagement ring is just as important as selecting the stone or stones and deciding on the design. These days, there are several different choices available, and we’re going to guide you through them to help you make this big decision.

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Careful considerations

Not everyone is opting for the more traditional engagement ring. If you do go for the usual band, however, you need to make sure that the metal you choose fits in with the wearer’s lifestyle. The softer metals are more delicate and won’t suit someone who is very active or sporty. If someone prefers a plainer style, a bright, shiny gold band may be too flashy for them. Select a metal that suits your beloved’s style, and make sure that she won’t have to keep taking the ring off in case it gets damaged.


Platinum has become a very popular choice for diamond engagement rings in recent years, and this shiny, white metal showcases sparklers perfectly. It is also rarer than gold, so it is more expensive. It is naturally hypoallergenic, so it is also a great option for those with more sensitive skin.

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As the traditional metal for engagement rings, gold is extremely versatile and the most common choice. With Diamond Engagement rings available online at Compare the Diamond why not take a look now and see just how this metal can be used in so many different ways? The karat count affects the quality and the cost, and the type of metal alloy in the gold also changes the shade and the hue. The higher the karat count, the richer the gold colour, and the more it complements diamond engagement rings.

Gold comes in a few different easy-to-identify shades.

Yellow gold is the classic yet perennially fashionable colour, and its rich, warm patina gives it a luxurious glow.

White gold is the more contemporary option. It looks a lot like silver, only with a slightly richer tone to it. It can wear quite badly, so you may need to have it re-plated on a more regular basis.

Rose gold is a romantic, unique metal that has become more fashionable recently. Its warm, pink hue is very appealing and can create a wonderful contrast for a diamond engagement ring.

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