How to get your home ready for spring

Traditionally, spring is the time to spruce up your home with a thorough cleaning, decluttering as you go. Wardrobes are cleared of thick, heavy clothes, while heavy rugs are stored back in the attic. Here are some tips to get your home ready for spring.

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Brighten up your home

A thorough cleaning will make your home look shiny and feel like new. You can use everyday items instead of harsh chemicals, such as mixing equal amounts of water and cider vinegar, which is effective and economical.

For stainless steel, cut a lemon in half and use it to scrub taps and sinks, which will also make your kitchen smell fresh. Use half a grapefruit with rock salt sprinkled on top to scrub away the rings around the bathtubs and soap scum.

Be ruthless

While cleaning your home, take a look at furnishings and fittings to see whether any look worn and need replacing. New brightly-coloured cushions and throws can transform your sofa and armchairs. Perhaps your carpets or rugs have had a lot of wear through the winter and need a thorough cleaning or replacing. Laminate flooring is easier to clean than carpets, while creating a fresh look for your home inexpensively. A range of styles of laminate flooring are available from flooring specialists such as

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Say it with flowers

You can welcome spring into your home with cut flowers and plants, which instantly create an eye-catching and colourful display in any room.

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