How to Make an Oil Boiler More Efficient

When weather turns chilly, thoughts turn to boilers and not only making sure they are working but also making sure they are working efficiently. An efficient boiler is one that is operating well and conserving resources while maintaining output, which means lower costs.

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Getting your oil boiler serviced regularly is a key part of maintaining its efficient operation. If the boiler is not working well, performance will be affected and even a small reduction will mean extra costs. When running well, an oil boiler can achieve efficiency of 90 per cent, but to do this the boiler needs to be serviced at least once a year. Not getting your boiler serviced could also mean that any guarantees it has may become invalid.

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When you get your boiler serviced make sure the engineer carries out all the necessary checks such as those required by OFTEC guidelines. The nozzle will also need scrutiny, as this is one area where oil boilers can be subject to wear and tear. OFTEC, the trade organisation for the heating oil industry, recommends that the boiler servicing history should be checked if looking at buying a home. For more on this, see this report from the Telegraph & Argus.

Good Practices

To extend the value you get from your boiler, it’s recommended not to turn it up to too high a setting. Using the boiler on a consistent and lower level can produce more efficient results and reduce your oil bills. Even just reducing your thermostat setting by one degree should have a noticeable effect on your fuel usage over a year.

It is always recommended to use appropriately qualified engineers for servicing your boiler. If you want to find out more about local Bristol boiler services, then it would be a good idea to look at experts in the area such as It is always worth doing some research and seeing what Bristol boiler services have to offer.

Boilers are like many kinds of machinery, as with maintenance and care they tend to last longer and perform better. Schedule a regular service for your oil boiler and always call an engineer should it start to behave strangely. The health of your boiler is very important for the comfort of your home in winter and the rest of the year too.

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