How To place Furniture In Feng Shui Style
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How To place Furniture In Feng Shui Style

With 3,000 years old, the Feng Shui is a Chinese art which aims to organize life according to the natural forces of the universe . Moved to our home: know how to correctly locate a house, its furniture and accessories.

Feng Shui tries to channel the energy of the spaces in the most appropriate way. The energy fields are determined by the colors, the lights and the type and position of the furniture and accessories used.

How To place Furniture In Feng Shui Style
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Here are some of the basic features of Feng Shui:

  • Avoid currents . An important rule is to avoid that the entrance door is faced with an exit door or a window, because in this case the energy flows between both points without occupying its space.
  • Avoid clutter as energy causes the pond and not distributed around the room.
  • Increase and enhance positive energy with a number of elements such as plants, rock crystals, wind chimes and mobiles.
  • It is advisable that the house has a single gateway , which must be free of any obstacles.
    Avoid furniture in the hallways (especially if they are large) as hinder the energy flow.
  • Good lighting is essential . Artificial lights should be projected upwards or downwards and not towards the sides.
    Remove electrical appliances bedrooms , as emit electromagnetic currents that can interfere with sleep.
  • Sleep with your head facing north.
  • Avoid trees that are very close to our home.

    How To place Furniture In Feng Shui Style
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If we talk about the different rooms of the house Feng Shui recommends:


is not advisable to be near a bathroom or the kitchen placed front of a window. The cooking zone and the cleaning area should not be confronted as it can be detrimental to the energy of the food.

Regarding the color, feng shui recommends the range of pale ocher yellow , colors that favor the impression of comfort and cleanliness.


In this room must reign tranquility and calm . The bed should not be placed in front of the door or under a window. The ideal is to place the headboard to the north and a wall from which you can see the entrance door, but not exactly in front. Air currents are not recommended, nor is sleeping with your feet pointed towards the window or door. Plants and flowers and mirrors should be avoided, which should be inside the cabinets. Avoid the ceiling beams above the bed

Suitable pale colors should be: light peach, bone or brown low intensity tones that help create a soft, relaxed atmosphere.

How To place Furniture In Feng Shui Style
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Living room

The ideal for this stay is that the door and the window are in perpendicular walls. The sofa and the chairs should be away from doors and windows and glued to a wall. The dining room should be collected in an area away from the streams of energy , which will help to make a good digestion, also it recommended placing on the table flowers and candles that act as centers of attraction of energy.

Suitable colors if we opt for the tranquility, are the cold ones of the range of the blues, that calm the spirits, if we look for the opposite we can opt for a red one.

Children’s room

Its proper orientation is the west and as it normally performs various functions: sleep, play and study to enjoy the most of all it is advisable to separate them visually (through furniture and colors). Avoid currents and do not place the bed in an imaginary line that goes from the door to the window if you want to take full advantage of the energy that flows through the room.

How To place Furniture In Feng Shui Style
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It is advisable to place it in front of the entrance door of the house , either next to the kitchen badly channeled energy problems and also hygiene. The window of this room should not be in front of the door or any of the elements of this room (bathtub, washbasin …).

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