I love Isabel Marant

I love Isabel Marant

Yes, yes … “Where I say, I say diego …” We had already said that boots, no matter how stylish they are, are not for the summer but it turns out that in order to show off you have to suffer (or so my mother says!) And I think that with this dress fit very well! In addition, and looking for your forgiveness, the weather was the most stupid and sometimes it was raining and even cool!

That’s why, these boots of Zara, inspired by Isabel Marant, are the protagonists of today’s look! The truth is that this type of dress I love with boots more than sandals or dancers and although they are not what most stylize, I like the result!

The dress is one of my last purchases of summer, I bought it does nothing and I do not want to stop putting it on! It is so beautiful … The lace, the cut, the neckline of the back … Wonderful!I love Isabel MarantI love Isabel MarantI love Isabel Marant

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