Lana Del Rey In H&;M Online

Lana Del Rey In HM Online

Lana del Rey does not shrink with anything. She is an off-road woman who wants to test all her facets, bringing her full potential and all her beauty. That is why this American singer not only stays with her musical career, and seeks to expand new horizons becoming the sporadic model of the Swedish firm H & M.

A few days ago, we also learned that he had staged a campaign of Jaguar cars. As I said, Lana del Rey wants to succeed. And for that it brings out all its beauty and all its curves. He posed for the first pages of magazines like Vogue and now collaborates with H & M online to present a very special autumn-winter collection.Lana Del Rey In H&M Online

At the moment, only two photographs have been released, but soon all the images of this new autumn collection of H & M will come out. The Swedish fashion firm already claimed a few weeks ago, that Lana del Rey would be her new face. And here we have it. In the only images, we have for the moment we have Lana del Rey posing in a pink sweater and cashmere with black pants in the first top photograph and a tight salmon in the bottom photograph.Lana Del Rey In H&M Online

A look that is nothing alien to the followers of H & M and to the style of the Swedish firm. A soft color for autumn and some clothes that are perfect to start a new season very chic and fashionable.

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It is worth clarifying that this is the first time that Lana del Rey will pose as a model (throughout the term) so there is nothing left to wait for the result. Undoubtedly HM online have been brave in choosing it to make their debut.Lana Del Rey In H&;M Online

Finally, he pointed out that HM online will make a small promotional video that will appear on its website on September 19 where Lana del Rey will sing.


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