LED lighting

LED lighting

The LED technology is entering with force in our lives. It is still expensive, less and less, but its long service life and the energy savings it provides greatly outweigh its relatively high price.

LED lighting

A LED bulb consumes about 85% less electricity than a conventional one and its half-life can reach 50,000 hours. In addition, it is not used in the manufacture of harmful tungsten as in normal ones, mercury as in fluorescents and is recyclable.LED lighting

They are specially indicated for the decoration since they do not give off heat, they do not require maintenance, nor they melt and they are available in a multitude of colors.

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Different brands use the LED technology to offer decorative products of the most original. Philips uses it to make luminous pots of fixed or changing colors that are charged by induction and give a touch of color to the room. Another of the proposals of the Dutch firm is original plates and vessels illuminated by led’s that give a touch of color to our table.

LED lighting

The combination of LED technology and fiber optics also allows us to enjoy so-called “multicolor panels”, a decorative element that includes a combination of light bulbs, so that the color of the panel changes automatically creating modern spaces full of personality.

Thanks to the LEDs, it is also possible to light our bathtub or Jacuzzi, creating effects that are full of romanticism and serenity that can turn a bathroom into an unforgettable experience.

Firms specializing in this technology such as EYE leads, create lighting systems using LED lamps, which can be placed on floors, stairs, and walls, allowing us to enjoy points of light throughout the house, which although not illuminates, if they illuminate and decorate in a way very attractive.

LED lighting

Other decorative elements that can house a set of lights of this type are the sofas. This way, a fixed element of our furniture can change of style only with select the color of the strip of led’s that illuminate it varying it according to our state of mind.

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