Mazda MX5 Superlight; A whim

The latest fad is called Mazda Superlight a beautiful and spectacular roadster based on the popular MX5, two – seater has already served 20 years in the market. To celebrate this, even the Japanese brand has made this special edition that after being officially presented at the Motor Show in Frankfurt we bring to our blog dedicated to luxury.

In the wake of the Mercedes SLR McLaren Stirling Moss, the Superlight dispenses the windscreen and any roof. Which forces you to ride with a helmet if you want to enjoy your driving. In this pure roadster, all those superfluous elements that could mean an increase of weight have been eliminated.Mazda MX5 Superlight; A whim

Mazda has applied the latest technologies to achieve a chassis as light as possible, a radical design and reduced consumption. The Superlight emerges therefore as a pure sports car, easy to use, with an efficient engine and without a performance of heart. It will roll close to the asphalt and offer a unique sensation to those lucky enough to enjoy it.

Mazda MX5 Superlight; A whim

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Its engine is the same as the Mazda MX5 mounted as standard an 1,800-cc engine capable of delivering 126 horsepower with an emission level encrypted 150 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Thanks to its carbon fiber chassis, the Mazda MX5 Superlight weighs 995 kilograms only. This combination of CV and light weight allows you to move from 0 to 100 km / h in something less than 9 seconds.Mazda MX5 Superlight; A whim

The equipment has been reduced to a minimum but we can highlight its beautiful 17-inch wheels made of super light alloy and a set of shock absorbers that allow it to circulate very close to the ground. Inside the leather is the dominant element in the steering wheel, armrests and seats.Mazda MX5 Superlight; A whim

Mazda has no plans currently marketed but it is very possible that at least if one appears limited edition for the lucky few.

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