My big fat Greek fight – Sparta Versus Athens

In the red corner Sparta in the blue corner Athens. Both wanted to control the country that would become Greece. But who is best there’s only one way to find out FIGHT!  What you have here is lack of communication. Plus you have two sides that are totally opposed to each other in culture and outlook. These two couldn’t even agree the best way for a TV Aerial Installation Swansea South Wales let alone a unified economic policy that would unity the Ionian peninsula under one banner. If you’re stuck in the same position, not about Greece obviously the TV aerials I mean, then check out this website for more info. Back to the war of the classical world, if you discount the Punic wars between Rome and Carthage, of course. And the Greek states against Troy.

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Sparta and Athens were chalk and Cheese. Sparta liked to have a King or two Athens liked democracy (though not like ours. Yes people had the vote but only specific ones and no girls). There was forty thousand more Athenians than Spartans and the Athenians had much the better weather. That lovely, Mediterranean breeze. Poor old Sparta was pretty dry. As a result Sparta relied heavily on its agriculture to survive whereas Athens had access to trade. The Athenians looked forward, they questioned the world and how it worked. They also sought the answers to the human existence and life itself. The Spartans were more like “just chill” but they did insist on every man ding his bit for the army whereas Athenians had it down as an option. Sparta was happy to get an education though; the Athenians didn’t see the point. They are not so far away from each other and they are headed for trouble.

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Sparta had the top soldiers on land and Athens had a great navy. Conflict didn’t happen because the soldiers were no good under water and it’s hard to swing a sword and tread water at the same time. Triremes are worse than useless on a dry land. However they worked these differences out enough to get in a fight over trade routes, general rivalries and how much they paid to their mates in the smaller states to support them. The war went on for 28 years but it was Sparta that eventually came out on top. The main reason being that try as they might the Athenians could not convince the inland Spartans to build boats and have ago at time on the sea. The Spartans remember that they had the best land troops so they fought on land as much as they could. Both sides got in wins and victories but ultimately it was the Spartans that won.

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