Optimising and refining your mobile presence and branding

Smartphones have taken over the world in the past decade. It is impossible to walk down the street in any town or city and not see someone tapping away at a touchscreen handset, and most of these people will be using their device of choice to browse the internet.

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In combination with search engines that are now oriented around delivering the best results for mobile users, site owners are being compelled to think about how location-based functions can benefit them from an SEO perspective.

With mobile maturity shifting expectations upwards, here are the tips you need to follow to optimise your mobile presence.

Going local

Google’s official figures have shown that four out of five people who use their smartphones to search the internet do so to locate nearby businesses. This, of course, represents a potentially huge market for organisations of all sizes to leverage.

Local targeting also means that sites can be tailored to an especially specific demographic while still offering the opportunity for a solid ROI. For businesses with a bricks and mortar presence, this is especially valuable.  So with SEO being sorted move on to your logo design, app development and marketing with a Branding Agency at links including http://www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/services/brand-development-gloucester/ . Once mobile visitors have found your website and located their nearest store, the next optimisation technique is to make sure the in-store experience caters to their penchant for smartphone use. This could include providing QR codes to link to product pages or providing exclusive offers to those who have web access on the move.

Fuelling conversion rates

Although mobile conversion rates are on the rise, convincing people to make a purchase from a portable device is still tricky and there are plenty of obstacles that need to be eradicated to improve this situation.

Getting in touch with and receiving expert advice on the best way to eliminate extraneous interface elements, minimise the number of pages that have to be visited to complete a purchase and keep the user experience fluid is a sensible course of action. With the assistance of a company your mobile presence can soon be optimised.

One simple way to check how easily conversions can be earned on your current site is to get someone who is unfamiliar with the site to attempt to make a purchase and see what issues they have. This should reveal where improvements need to be made.

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