What to Pack for a Trip to the Beach: Holidays with Style

What to Pack for a Trip to the Beach: Holidays with Style

When you move out of the city during the days off, there are elements that cannot be missed. we show you what to pack for a trip to the play so you can have a holiday with style. To avoid forgetting something and you’ll have the perfect look during the season near the sea.

What to pack for a trip to the beach

Making the suitcase to go on vacation is often boring. Since, beyond the excitement of the trip, it is difficult to decide what to take or leave. What often ends in that we forget our favorite clothes or something important? Therefore, before packing, we suggest you make a list of luggage for the beach.What to Pack for a Trip to the Beach: Holidays with Style


Your personal documents must have them separated from the common luggage. Carry in your ID card, credit cards, driving licenses and other documents you need. If you travel by plane, include tickets, passport, hotel reservation vouchers and transportation vouchers in this group. In the case of leaving Spain, do not forget the European Health Card.

Appropriate clothing

If you go to the beach you probably will not need formal dresses. Therefore, you must prioritize the clothes you need. Choose shorts, shorts, light dresses, shirts, blouses and light clothing in general. The important thing is that the processing material is fresh like linen, cotton or microfiber so you are protected from humidity and high temperatures.

Also, do not forget your bath clothes. Select several bikinis, depending on the number of days you will spend near the sea. Men can choose between thong-style swimsuits or shorts.

On the other hand, we suggest including a UV protection shirt in your luggage, ideal for long stays in the sun, especially if you are traveling with children.

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Personal hygiene

In your suitcase, you should not miss a small bag where you carry all the toiletries. This list will help you check that you have everything you will need:

  • Travel toothbrush, which has its own case
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and soap.
  • Antiperspirant or deodorant.
  • Solar protection.
  • Moisturizing cream or after sun balsam.
  • Toothpaste.
  • Combs
  • Shavers and shaving foam.


Although in the hotels they place towels, the best that you carry yours. You can take them out of the accommodation center, transport them to the beach and throw them in the sand. Also, do not forget to put caps, hats, and sunglasses in your suitcase. In the same way, you must select a suitable footwear that is not damaged with saltpeter and that is comfortable.

On the other hand, you can include a waterproof watch if you need to wear this garment. For girls, the accessories should be comfortable and avoid being of much value, as it is normal to lose the earrings while on the beach. In this sense, you can complete your luggage with an airtight bag to carry your things when you are near the sea.

It also includes a bag for dirty clothes. If you have space, you can add entertainment items, such as a book or tablet. Although the latter can load them in your carry-on luggage without any problem.What to Pack for a Trip to the Beach: Holidays with Style

In case of traveling with children

If you have small children, you need to take precautions and add more items to your luggage list. You should include sweets, pacifiers (if you use them), baby bottles, wet towels, first aid kit, toys, clothes, and toiletries. It is important that your baby has his belongings in a separate suitcase or bag.

These are basic items for beach vacations, that is, they cannot miss. If you travel by plane, keep in mind that there is a maximum weight for luggage. As in the case of carrying objects such as umbrellas, which are left outside the suitcase, they generate a surcharge on the transfer costs.

Holidays with style

We already mentioned the things you must have in a suitcase. Now learn what clothes you should take to the beach. Fashion houses like Tommy Hilfiger have a wide range of garments ideal for this occasion, both for men and women and children.

While it is true that it should be light, the clothes to take to the beach should not be in bad taste or informal. With some tips and updates on trends, your holidays will have a lot of styles. Similarly, Adidas is another brand that can be used for this, especially with footwear.

Use shorts

The shorts are suitable for the beach. You can use them in torn denim, they are versatile and combine with everything. Although, the latest trends suggest that these garments are worn in striking colors such as blue, green, yellow or orange. Always in harmony with the tone of your swimsuit. We also suggest you wear them with Hawaiian prints.

For men, Bermuda works with floral designs but in dark tones such as navy blue or black. You can also opt for thick stripes that provide masculinity and style, in addition, there are a variety of colors. As for the daily use, it can be the same garment but of linen, in light tones.

Select several dresses

For you to have a fresh look, vary your clothes with cotton, linen or chiffon dresses. They will give more elegance to your appearance, even when they are made of soft material and you are on the beach. If you do not know which one is right for you to take advantage of the guide to choose dresses that we have available.

Remember to take a more formal and flirty dress in the suitcase than those on the beach in case there is a special occasion. In the same way, men can add a long-sleeved shirt and dress pants in their luggage to use if necessary. For both, light colors are recommended and strong tones are left for accessories.

Wear blouses and shirts

Comfort is essential on beach days. Select blouses that in addition to comfort make you look fashionable. Choose the ones you have flown in pastel colors, in denim or striped. Both men and women can opt for V-neck shirts, where they leave the tan uncovered.

If you want a more casual look, you can bring a denim shirt for the luggage. Similarly, it is important to wear a sweater or a light jacket for cold nights, especially for the little ones. Remember that the number of clothes you wear must match the length of your stay. Do not add many things “for a special occasion” since you will be adding unnecessary weight.

What to Pack for a Trip to the Beach: Holidays with Style

Swimwear trend

Bikinis are the favorite swimsuits for girls with an hourglass silhouette. However, the trends of 2018 position the swimsuits in one piece (or one-piece) as the favorite for this summer. It is convenient to wear them in imposing colors such as black, red, white or cobalt blue.

Another style that has taken a lot of strength is that of knitted bikinis. That undoubtedly offers another appearance to the figure. Showing the most subtle and delicate girls. The most used shades in these garments are earth colors.

As for the boys, this season we suggest swimsuits in a single tone.


If you go to the beach, you should not forget a sarong. There is a great variety of these garments, from those that only serve to cover your waist, to those that look like a blanket and you can use to sunbathe. Choose the one of your convenience. If it’s simple, you can combine it with the color of your swimsuit. On the other hand, if it is a complex piece to sunbathe, select one with a fun design.

On the other hand, beach dresses are available that are tights to cover your torso. Although its objective is the decoration of the body, since being meshes and transparencies, the skin remains uncovered. This type of garments is optional and depends on the individual taste of both style and color.


Combine your outfit with the accessories that best suit your style. Beach hats are available for men, women, and children. In addition, there is an extensive range of colors and manufacturing materials that make them more attractive. Use them daily and not only when you are near the sea. In this way, you will distinguish your style and you will protect yourself from the sun.

Wears glasses with mirrored lenses or in unusual colors. Keep in mind that these should correspond to the size and shape of your face. If you choose randomly you could get a negative result. It is also necessary to verify the material since not all of them resist water and saltpeter.

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Makeup and hairstyle

To achieve your holiday with style, it is necessary that you adapt your hairstyle to the occasion. Braids, wavy hair and ballerina onions are best suited for the beach. To care for your hair use elastic bands and combine cream with UV protection. In relation to makeup, enjoy the tan and only apply gloss or a moisturizing lipstick.

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