Some Tips for Buying Your First Park Home

Park homes offer an attractive alternative to the typical retirement bungalow, providing a peaceful and safe environment and a built-in community for socializing. However, buying your first park home is a little different from a standard property purchase, with different things to ask about and consider.

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If you are planning on looking at park homes for sale, take a look at the useful tips we share here for guidance and insight into the things you need to think about and the questions you need to ask both yourself and others.

Is a Park Home Practical for You?

There are lots of positives about park home living, but this kind of move involves some compromising too. For example, downsizing may mean giving up some furniture and possessions. Could you do that? Do you want to have guests to stay? Check the rules, as many restrict the time children under sixteen can stay on the site, which could affect visits from your grandchildren.

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Location Really Is Everything

You should never compromise on the area where a park home is located because you could be there for a long time. You need to be sure if you want to only look at homes close by your current home, move to the seaside or countryside to realise a dream or choose a place closer to family members. Think long-term too – an isolated park may be amazing in the summer, but can you get out to the shops or doctors in the winter? Specialist companies such as have website links to their properties in various locations.

Check Out the Costs

Beyond purchasing the actual park home there will be other fees, and as these vary between sites you need to ask about them at each place you look at. For example, how are utilities monitored and paid for?

Visit and Chat to Current Residents

If you have found a park which could well be the perfect one for you, it’s good to visit a couple of times and just chat casually to those who are living there already. Do this at least once without a manager or sales person around and you will get the inside scoop on what life there is really like and, importantly, about any drawbacks or issues they have.

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