Test Audi Q3 Sport Edition 20 TFSI quattro S tronic 220 hp The engine of the Golf GTI in an SUV

Test Audi Q3 Sport Edition 2.0 TFSI quattro S tronic 220 hp: The engine of the Golf GTI in an SUV

This week I bring you one of those models “Made in Spain” that we talked to you weeks ago. It is an interesting medium-sized SUV that has recently received a nice update that improves its appearance and re-positions it in the market with a much more attractive bet on equipment and motorizations.

To me personally the design of Q3 did not tell me much until the mark of the four rings decided to give a small facelift – and eye, because it was the most attractive of its segment. The truth is that it is nothing out of the world but the new details make the Q3 is quite more attractive than before.

Since its launch in autumn 2011, the Q3 has been one of the bestsellers of the four-ring brand. But even that which is already good and successful can be improved and proof of it is the updating of its design, and its great variety of technical innovations.

Test Audi Q3 Sport Edition 20 TFSI quattro S tronic 220 hp The engine of the Golf GTI in an SUV Outdoor Design

Already on the front, the new Audi Q3 is powerful on the asphalt. The three-dimensional Single frame grill is the most characteristic element of the front and much more now that it has a glossy black finish and is framed by a metallic surface that stands out with the dark colors and gives a better appearance to the grill that mounts the four rings In a privileged position and being a unit with quattro traction, also incorporates the characteristic logo of the system of traction in the left part.

Audi Q3 47

On both sides of the grid of our test unit we find headlights that give a plus of horizontality to the front because they extend that surface that frames the central grid. The model assembles gas discharge headlamps as standard; however, our test unit optionally fitted Full LED headlights with an extra cost of 1,330 dollars. The main headlights are composed of 27 LEDs characterized by their extraordinary energy efficiency and the fact is that they offer an excellent light, very white compared to other light-emitting diode lights that competes the competition. In addition, unlike many competitors, the model also uses headlight washers.

Test Audi Q3 Sport Edition 20 TFSI quattro S tronic 220 hp The engine of the Golf GTI in an SUV Audi Q3 48

Located in the lower corners we will find two false air intakes in glossy black. In the lower central part we find a horizontal air intake, just above a plastic base protector of the same color as the body. Undoubtedly, at this point I have missed something more protection to be an SUV.

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At half height our test unit mounted a battery of sensors, a result of the parking assistant with visualization of the environment and camera for reversing that has an extra cost of 1,100 dollars but which for the more comfortable is an interesting option that undoubtedly parks the vehicle in an outstanding manner. It should be noted that the model mounts the Audi parking system, which are standard rear parking sensors, something that is appreciated by the low visibility offered by the rear moon when parking.

Test Audi Q3 Sport Edition 20 TFSI quattro S tronic 220 hp The engine of the Golf GTI in an SUV Audi Q3 44

The front lines extend to the rest of the vehicle through a flat, lightweight clean hood that transfers the lines to the front line curve.

Already on the side we can see that the coupe-style roof line and strongly inclined D-pillars give the silhouette a very expressive and sporty image. Our unit counted was a version called Sport Edition that counted on a contour line in color of the body unlike the offered of series that is in color contrast. This edition mounted specific front and rear bumpers although they are not those that you can appreciate in the gallery since the unit of tests also counted on an S line package optional.

The bulging wheel arches of this test unit had the presence of spectacular Audi Sport cast aluminum wheels in 10-spoke design and optic titanium matt with an extra cost of 670 dollars. These rims mounted some recommended Pirelli P Zero tires in dimensions 255/35 R20 97Y.

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Audi Q3 37

The truth is that to be a modern model, the lateral line is very clean and the only thing that makes it more robust than it actually is is the Sport Edition package and its new oversized side skirts.

Optionally, our test unit mounted generous electric mirrors, heated and electrically folding that also incorporated an optional called Audi Side Assist with an extra cost of 610 euros and that is the assistant of dead angles.

The rear view of my test unit had a robust design, also the result of the Sport Edition and the exterior package S Line, which by the way, represents an extra cost of 1,940 euros . The relationship between the body of the body and the glazed window strip, from two-thirds to one-third, which is a classic of Audi sports language.

Audi Q3 43

One of the characteristics of the rear of the Q3 is the large tailgate that integrates a rear LED lights that come in combination with the extra LED headlights mentioned above. These headlights feature FULL LED technology in which the dynamic indicators that offer a quality plus stand out. The rear window is bordered to right and left by a glossy black trim. At the top has a spoiler that also mounts the third brake light in LED technology.

The rear optical units are equipped with standard halogen lamps and can optionally be ordered in LED technology, which, in combination with LED headlights, include dynamic intermittent hypnotics.

The bulging rear bumper is significantly modified due to the S line package. The characteristic of the Q family is that the main pilots are accompanied by lower horizontal pilots with all lighting functions. In normal situations, these lower pilots fulfill the function of reversing lights and complete the rest of lighting functions when the tailgate is open. At the same height of these pilots we find a line of parking sensors that are combined with the parking attendant and the reversing camera mounted in the hole of the license plate holder.

Audi Q3 63

Under the secondary pilots and sketching a horizontal line in contrast color, the package S Line mounts a decoration in black, just above a diffuser in color of the body and two round exhaust of average size. This double exhaust outlet is only offered in the 2.0 TFSI mechanics of 220 hp with which the test unit was equipped.

The dimensions, as in the previous model, are compact. The new Audi Q3 measures 4,388 millimeters long, 1,831 millimeters wide, 1,590 millimeters high (without antenna) and 2,603 ​​millimeters of battle.

Viewed from above, the test unit was fitted with an extra-curtain overhead sunroof with an extra cost of 1,540 dollars.

Test Audi Q3 Sport Edition 20 TFSI quattro S tronic 220 hp The engine of the Golf GTI in an SUV Interior design

The interior of the model being tested predominates the black color of the mixed upholstery resulting from the S Line sport package with which the seats with which my test unit was fitted – this combination costs a cost of 2,385 euros Sports package.

The front seats have pronounced reinforcements, and   the S line name at the top of the backrest. These seats offer multiple set points. I must mention that they are excellent in every way. The foam is hard but comfortable for long shifts; the ears are prominent but not annoying for occupants with broad shoulders. We can say that it is a German interior with this type of details clearly thought out.

Audi Q3 1

The dashboard is made of soft material and is pleasing to the eye. At the top we will find the infotainment system for which I have a criticism. How is it possible that in the Peugeot 308 of the previous generation (Price around 18,000 euros) the screen of the navigation system has a motorized drive and in this model that passes by far this amount – I leave it there? For the next generation they should think of a somewhat more worked system). So that you can see that everything is not critical, I have to say that the basic navigation system comes standard, although if we want something more generous in terms of benefits and functions we will have to pay a not insignificant 1,500 dollars.

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