The 4 Best Business Lessons Left By 2017

The 4 Best Business Lessons Left By 2017

During 2017 there have been several changes in the international business landscape, which have left several business lessons. Cases such as the Yahoo that was sold to Verizon or the Gawker blog that went bankrupt, all these issues have left teachings that can be useful for those professionals who start a career as businessmen. “Along the way we have talked to CEOs of large companies, novice entrepreneurs, and those who work hard every day to do something new. Many have gone against the grain, but thanks to that attitude they managed to achieve success “, says Cale Guthrie Weissman in his article” The 10 Best Business Lessons of 2017″, From Fast Company magazine. If you want to make changes in your company in order to make it successful in , in this note we have compiled four of the best business lessons that this 2017 contributed.

Lesson 1: The specialty may arise from other professions

Technological jobs are one of the specialties with the greatest demand in the world of work. In that sense cybersecurity professionals are the most sought after, but most companies are having trouble finding and cultivating the right talent. Although many people do not know the technical skills needed by security professionals, some organizations have discovered that music experts are capable of learning to do the job and excel in it.

The 4 Best Business Lessons Left By 2017Lesson 2: Retain collaborators who have the same goals.

Preserving talent can be an intuitive strategy for growing businesses, but it may not be the best formula. Mathilde Pribula, partner of executive search firm HR Frederickson Pribula Li, recommends exactly the opposite. The specialist argues that you should not invest in the retention of talent. When the aspirations of the collaborator do not coincide with the company, it is best to identify the objectives of the work team and see if they coincide with the organization, in this process it is easier to find those who are not in the same line and it is the ideal time to Let them go and find the professional that has empathy with the company’s objectives.

The 4 Best Business Lessons Left By 2017Lesson 3: Increasing capital does not mean you are going to succeed.

Many companies have been able to raise a lot of money to invest in their businesses, but it has not always been the solution to succeed. Thanks to programs such as Shark Tank, a television series that seeks to invest in innovative projects, raising money is considered the same as having a successful business. Craig Shapiro and Morgan Housel, investment specialists, took this myth of venture capital and conclude that some of the best and most successful companies have the least money. The truth of the matter is that companies that are swimming in money are probably less inclined to innovate quickly, as there is no imminent threat of disappearance.

The 4 Best Business Lessons Left By 2017Lesson 4: Let employees shine.

Google made famous the policy that allowed employees to use 20% of their time towards personal projects. It was the way to allow their collaborators to be agile, since they had to carry out their daily tasks, but they also had a way of looking for other projects that could help the company (and the technology sector) to innovate. If you feel that your company does not let you shine, you can use the highlighted Profile of and find an organization that allows you to grow.

The best businesses are not those that are born of large investments of money, they are those that originate from an idea and come true thanks to the effort and imagination of their owners.

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