Types of Kitchen Counter-tops

Types of Kitchen Counter-tops

The worktop is one of the most important elements of the kitchen and today we can find them in a variety of shapes, materials and in different colors. When deciding on one, we must be clear about the use we will make of it, the budget we have and its role in the decorative set of the room.

When requesting the budget for a worktop, we must know that these are done by linear meters of surface. The width does not usually influence much, unless they are very special measures. The cost of the assembly and of the cuts that are necessary are calculated separately.

These are the different types of kitchen counter-tops:

Wooden counter tops: They are aesthetically very beautiful, allow to create different environments and have a great variety of colors. However, this material is very porous, so that the stains and liquids penetrate easily, its maintenance is very delicate and can be scratched to the minimum.Types of Kitchen Counter-tops

Steel worktops: Its use is recommended for professionals because it is a very expensive material and aesthetically it provides very little. Of course, a “10” in hygiene and resistance, are easy to clean and heat resistant very well.

Formica countertops and synthetic materials: It is the most economical solution. They are easy to maintain and withstand heat, scratches and shock. You can choose from a multitude of finishes and colors but you must take special care with the water.Types of Kitchen Counter-tops

Natural stone counter tops: The tops of granite are the most sustained, hard, cannot scratch and perfectly resist heat and shock. However, care must be taken with oil stains, being a porous material. There are more and more colors in the market and its price is somewhat cheaper than compact quartz.

The marble counter tops are quite similar in characteristics to those of granite, although they are quite more delicate with stains and acids, in addition they lose brilliance with facility. Watch out for hard knocks. Very stylish, but more complex maintenance.

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Compact quartz counter tops: The real stars in modern kitchens. It is a material of great hardness, difficult to scratch, easy to clean and that resists well the water and the blows, although it is necessary to be careful with placing a pot or hot frying pan on them. They are beautiful and maintenance is very simple.Types of Kitchen Counter-tops

The range of colors and designs is enormous, the largest among all types of worktops. Its price ranges from 150 euros to 300 per linear meter.

Corian Counter tops: A very new material, hard, expensive and easily mold able. Allows to install counter top and sink in one piece. It perfectly resists moisture and its range of colors is very wide.

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