Web Of The Week - Carlos Fernandez Aceña
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Web Of The Week – Carlos Fernandez Aceña

What do you think the idea to create your free personal page?

It’s a fantastic and innovative initiative by Info employ. They have managed to differentiate itself from other Web job offer candidates a complementary tool to your resume, easy to use and allows us to display graphical and visual aspects of our experience that in no case can be seen in a traditional curriculum. Congratulations.

Web Of The Week - Carlos Fernandez Aceña
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What you will find companies in your personal Web?

It may, in addition to my resume, find some details of projects developed throughout my career. The goal I set out to make the web was to show visually “creativity” applied in the development of my work, from a television campaign to the development and launch of a product, the design of a packaging or a promotion.

Web Of The Week  Carlos Fernandez Aceña
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How do you think can help you in the job search?

As you know, the economic and employment situation is very complicated. In these circumstances where supply is low and demand is brutal, it is more necessary than ever “differentiate”, “include”, “be heard”. I believe that this tool is an element of personal promotion. If we add “visibility”, being selected as the site of the week, the possibilities multiply. I hope to be of great help and encourage all candidates to create one.

Web Of The Week - Carlos Fernandez Aceña
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What systems use to promote your page?

The first and most important (visibility), to introduce the candidacy of “web Info employ week.” Moreover, I have incorporated the link to my resume, the cover letter to subscribe to an offer, in social networks, e – mail as part of the firm, even in the cards. One of the main axioms of Marketing is “no use having the best product if nobody knows”. We are working …

Web Of The Week - Carlos Fernandez Aceña
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What time is spent on job search? How you organize the search?

The job search is a job in itself. Not only is seeking nominations to subscribe. A strategy should prepare clearly defined objectives and tasks. Planning the agenda and make a proper time management. Since create a professional web, work networking, reading articles or professional blogs, training courses … ..Property it is part of the job search, because “success” is the reward for the effort, perseverance.

Web Of The Week - Carlos Fernandez Aceña
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Do you think that social networks are a good way to find work?

It is something relatively new but with great potential. Social networks are forms of social interaction, an open system and permanent construction involving professional groups and are organized to leverage their resources. In principle, for job search by way of networking, highlight professional networks like Linked In, Xing, Neuron, active Networking, eConozco …. And in a second social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace ….

How many digital communities have your profile?

As I mentioned earlier I am present in the major social networks of professional type, in addition to major employment sites.

Do you think it’s better to be everywhere or focus on one and keep it as current as possible?

I try to be present in what I consider most important and related to my experience, training and type of contacts. In order to rationalize the time available, I dedicate my efforts I consider the most interesting and the rest I have established certain job alerts that come to me via e – mail. In this way not attempt to miss any opportunity, if it is true that there are certain jobs that appear repeatedly in more than a job portal.

Did you happened a funny anecdote in your job search?

The truth is that the most fun and rewarding story has been following the creation of the web. Once completed, in addition to introducing the candidacy of “website of the week” I sent by e-mail to my contacts and friends. It was pleasantly surprised to receive e – cards and even some lifelong friend told me surprised “all these things you’ve done.”

Where do you see yourself working within 10 years?

My ideal company would be a company prospers, solid, market – oriented, with a commitment to innovation, which knows how to appreciate and encourage their employees getting create a pleasant working environment where employees feel proud to be part of the company. I would like to see me working in a company like this, integrated, fulfilling the expectations that the Company placed in me, and with the same desire and motivation that today I have for this new project in my career.

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