What Is Native Advertising? How To Use It For My Online Business?

Native advertising is another step forward in marketing to get even closer to more indirect techniques. In the last few years many online marketing methodologies have emerged with the intention of disrupting a user less saturated with direct advertising and of no value to them. Let’s look at some:

“Inbound marketing”: Quick and bad summary is content marketing + SEO + social media to create organic “assets” with the intention of generating leads and sales. I leave a presentation of mine on the subject in case you are interested.

“Branded content”: The so-called brand content in a corporate blog for example with which we look to entertain users and bring them closer to some product.

The truth is that there is a high degree of ignorance on this subject:

It is the digital adaptation of what the magazines are in magazines. It is contained with some advertising component in its interior to be distributed as if it were an article and any article . Trademarks in most cases pay for the insertion of this content.

There are formats related to this much seen previously such as “product placement” (display of branded products in movies), or without furthering the inclusion of a post sponsored in a blog. Now this concept comes back to life because we find new opportunities in this format thanks to the social networks and platforms that manage online content for example.


Depending on how this content is this advertising content we can divide it into:

Closed: This is called because the content is published only on a platform. A clear example would be a post sponsored on facebook ads.

Open: Thanks to platforms like outbrain what we want to publish can be distributed to different portals according to the public that we are seeking to impact.


In fact it can be used almost on any platform where there is a very large audience and allows the option of insertion of advertising content. The most used formats are:


Here are some of the basic recommendations to guide a native advertising action:

Think like a journalist: Here you have a double work, create content that is interesting and related to the product or service you want to sell. And remember, it cannot be too direct. It is about informing and maturing that visit.

It includes different CTA’s: During the post, video or article sees including “calls to action” to take the user to the “product page” or sale. If for example, the user is reading an article on “how to do a campaign in google adwords” written by a marketing consultant in the middle of the article should find a button with the message “Do you need help from an expert?” If you click, there You can be much more direct and ask the data to send you a proposal.

Select platform well: You need data about the audience you are looking for to know where to insert that content. If it is informative content twitter ads in a good option, if it is something more fun facebook would be well to do a test. If the campaign is open native advertising, the platform itself should provide you with segmentation tools.

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The recommendation I make you about it is that you always have native advertising as an option . If you start with a campaign of facebook ads:

Throw a more direct ad with an offer.

Tests with a sponsored post talking about the problem that solves your product.

Then you test the two formats with different texts and photographs. Finally collect data and measure which of the two campaigns has worked best.

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