What is the typical day of a professional footballer?

Every little boy dreams of being a professional footballer when they are playing with their friends in the park; however, the thrill of running out in front of thousands of adoring fans for a professional club is a privilege very few get to experience. It is not all about 90 minutes on a Saturday for professional footballers, however, as football is a full-time job; like us, they have a typical day whereby they get up and go to work.

What is the typical day of a professional footballer

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Most professional football clubs require their players to be at the training ground early in the morning; therefore, players will often set their alarm to get ready for a day’s training. Players with families may have to take their children to school in the morning before they lace up their boots. A player will then get in their car and drive to the training ground, where they will get changed into their kit and have breakfast with the rest of the squad.


Players may have treatment from a physio to address any aches and pains before they head out onto the training field. For the rest of the morning, a player will be put through their paces, which may take the form of a warm-up, passing drills, running, technical training or shooting drills.

What is the typical day of a professional footballer2

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Professional players normally finish their morning training session with work in the gym, followed by more physio and ice baths to protect their muscles from injuries. A squad will normally sit down together and have lunch, which will be nutritionally balanced and provided by a nutritionist, at their training base.


Players will then be allowed to leave the training base and many will spend the afternoon playing golf or shopping. There may also be club commitments to carry out, such as press conferences or community projects. This life is very different to that of an amateur footballer, although anyone can enjoy the thrill of the game by joining or forming a club side. Companies such as https://www.kitking.co.uk have all the equipment needed, including cheap football kits, to get your team up and running.


Players will spend the evening relaxing after a hard morning training. They will be required to eat a healthy meal and most will get an early night in anticipation of tomorrow’s training session.

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