What were late middle ages trousers like?

We think of trousers as being an essential and vital part of our clothing wardrobe and it was pretty much the same for our middle age ancestors. However, they had very different views about the style, look and cut. In fact the trousers that they wore would look very weird to our modern view. If you need some modern trousers then you just need to go to EJ Menswear where they have a great range of Tommy Bowe Menswear for you to look at. What did our ancestors choose to wear?

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By the end of the middle ages the need to wear armour was starting to decrease. With the invention of gunpowder and muskets plate armour was a bit pointless and whilst it could deflect swords and axes blows it was becoming next to useless against musket and cannon balls. Underneath the armour was trousers. These were rough cloth long pants that had first been developed with the view of making horse riding comfortable. Now that men could show them off they decided to make them as flamboyant as possible.

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They started to be wider at the hips and feature drawstrings. The most over the top element was the sewn in colourful linings that were incorporated into the lengths. Many of them were made to show off military orders and insignia or the colours of their House, especially if they were upper classes which for the most part they were. They were sometimes combined with hose and breeches. At that point they did whatever they could to keep the chill out.

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