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What are the three types of accounting?

There are three main types of accounting, even though there are 12 different branches. Tax accounting, financial accounting and management accounting are the three main types of accounting. (more…)

Why health and safety matters to your business

Health and safety at work is not only vital in managing risks and protecting people and property but also extremely important for the business itself. It is an integral part of sustainable development and building…

5 skills that accountants need

Attention to detail, organisational skills and time management are all skills that are essential to accounting. However, they are also typically required for most jobs and won't get you into accounting roles single-handedly. We've assembled…

Tips for effective employee catering

Countless studies attest to the importance of consistent meals in aiding productivity, morale, and camaraderie in the workplace; however, many workers will skip lunch due to being too busy or simply forgetting to eat. (more…)


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