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10 brands that all beauty-addict should follow in Instagram

If only I could stay with a social network, that would be Instagram. I love seeing beautiful things that can be found there, perfect makeup, inspiring looks and news releases exclusively. As an active user, I want to recommend my 10 favorite beauty brands profiles in my opinion, all beauty-addicted should follow. Sure, it’s my opinion, so if you’re missing miss some, not forget to tell me in the comments!

MAC Cosmetics

It is impossible to Instagram profile list of ‘mandatory monitoring’, and not include MAC Cosmetics. It is one of the best for the variety of photographs and videos that can be found there. The looks they teach are revolutionary and inspiring, their presence in the most famous backstage is simply stunning (sometimes I think creations makeup artist steals some prominence to the outfits), and there give many exclusive on pitches.

10 brands
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It is the official account Nars and my constant source of temptation. This is a profile in which we can see both developments as products ‘lifetime’, which have become stars and reappearing from time to time to remind us why it has become a fetish brands most of celebrities around the world. Often no surprise with spectacular photographs and magazine covers that look like works of art.

Urban Decay

We reported recently and we repeat: Urban Decay is one of the most transgressive firms in recent times and Instagram profile demonstrates it. Besides launches, we will find great ideas of original looks, which bet on the color (much beyond that we use), and those who interact enough with their followers.

Dior Make Up

Like their products, this is an account of worship and one of my favorites for the variety of content that can be found there: launches exclusive, stunning looks designed for parades in the weeks of fashion tips (wonderful), Peter Philips and of course beautiful pictures.


The profile of this French brand is also quite varied: usually publish some beautiful still lifes, very simple and elegant looks (although sometimes surprise us with photographs as I have included here), and videos with advice from the hand of Lisa Eldridge, its creative director. Verla is in action is a plus that brings a lot to the brand.

L’Oreal Make Up

I think it’s one of the profiles more “sweet” that we can find, but that is fully in line with the philosophy of the brand. There also pretty pictures of their products find looks of his followers who share and teach ‘in action’, a feature that makes it very active with the general public.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

I like very much the profile photos of Marc Jacobs Beauty because apart from being very well maintained, show in great detail the products released (can reach teach you a close – up of a blusher, for example). Occasionally we see a picture of the famous Marc Jacobs and looks worn by celebrities with their products.

Maybelline NY

Like the others, his photographs are kept, share some of their followers and teach releases … however one of the things that distinguish it is that they produce the photos you can see swatches of their products, so therefore they deserve special mention. Special of fashion weeks are also worth really worth it.


We could not leave out a brand that is completely dedicated to nail care, and although there are several that I like, definitely I prefer the profile IPO. There continually rise manicures made both with fixed linear glazes and their new collections, some nail art, news and regrams of his followers. For more visit http://supersmartnet.com/.

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