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8 Amazing Tips to Look Older than Your Age

Here are eight ways from best Australian online pokies to make yourself look older…

  1. Check Your Posture

Having good posture is so important – it completely changes the way you carry yourself. Good posture is synonymous with increased confidence, making you look taller and stronger, while slumping gives off the total opposite vibes. Not to mention, there are plenty of physical benefits of having good posture, such as less tension in your shoulders and neck, and improved circulation and digestion.

  1. Find a Good Tailor

You don’t have to have the most expensive wardrobe, but you should get your most important work pieces tailored. Those pricey black pants will look even more expensive and polished when they fit perfectly.

  1. Fill in Your Brows

Having fuller, thicker eyebrows is a great way to make your face look more mature. Fill them in with an eyebrow pomade to give them more definition and to help frame your face. Thin, sparse brows can make you look younger, so make sure they’re filled in and shaped well to accentuate your best features!

  1. Learn How to Contour

Contouring is another way to give your face more definition and poise. It helps distinguish your cheeks, jawline and nose, hiding the roundness of your face, which can make you look younger. Use a contour palette to sculpt your best features, courtesy of

  1. Invest in a Steamer

No time for the dry cleaner, no problem. Steam your blouse while watching TV and leave it hanging in a room with open windows, which will also help get rid of odors.

  1. Find a Good Coat

A gorgeous, fitted coat will help you look older in a pinch. Say goodbye to the fleece and teddy coats you wore in college, and hello to a nice trench or statement jacket. Black, camel and grey are great neutral jacket colours that will work well with any pieces in your wardrobe!

  1. Get a Pair of Professional But Trendy Glasses

Whether you need glasses for distance or reading, opt for a pair that are professional yet trendy. Instead of wearing your contacts, rock your glasses to give yourself a more mature look. Black, brown, tortoise shell or clear frames are all great options!

  1. Listen, Actively.

Leaders not only command a room when they are speaking, but they also pay attention when other people speak.