A House In Gray And Pastel Pink

A House In Gray And Pastel Pink

A House In Gray And Pastel Pink

 A House In Gray And Pastel Pink? Today we are going to enter a house where the gray and pastel pink colors are sent. As you can see, they are two tones that, together with white, generate an atmosphere of luminosity and comfort.

Pastel shades are a trend and one of the big favorites is pink. Some may seem too feminine a color, but it will depend on the combinations we make with it and how we use it in decoration.

A House In Gray And Pastel PinkIn this house this pastel pink is perfectly integrated with more neutral tones and brings a bit of joy to each room. The textiles, the light wood on the dining table or in the bed and the pictures with message add warmth to the environment. Some details in copper give the elegant touch and perhaps a more adult point to the set.

A House In Gray And Pastel PinkMy favorite areas are the entrance, full of daring and original circular hangers, and the bedroom, with a sloping roof and a wall with exposed brick and concrete.

A House In Gray And Pastel PinkDo not lose detail because I’m sure you’ll find some idea for your house. I would aim for mine the range of colors, the bed with a simple wooden support, the banks with warm textiles of the entrance and the shelves and boxes hung on the walls with decorative elements. All feasible and cheap solutions that can change the appearance of a whole stay.

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