Activate Your Brown Fat To Lose Weight

Activate Your Brown Fat To Lose Weight

The fat or adipose tissue has many functions, damps some sensitive areas of your body (mammary gland), stores energy and regulates body temperature. This latter function is carried out by brown or brown fat, which is named for its darker tone; produces 20% of body heat, burns energy to raise its temperature when it is cold.

Brown fat or brown fat is your great ally to lose weight because its function is to burn energy (calories) to raise the body temperature when it is cold.

Activate Your Brown Fat To Lose WeightWhat Is Brown Fat Or Brown Fat?

Until recently when talking about body fat, you imagined that it referred to the fat that accumulates in certain parts of your body, usually waist, belly and hips and that is unflattering. Today we know that not all the fat you have is bad.

This brown fat or brown fat was believed to be present only in newborns, but it is now confirmed that adults have about 100 g in the clavicular and intervertebral area, to the point of considering it as “one more organ.”

Today it is known that brown fat helps to regulate weight and blood sugar , this aspect looks promising for overweight people and type 2 diabetes.

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‘Increasing basal metabolic expenditure can result in a loss of fat mass of up to five kilos per year, as they burn twice as much calorie as you do digestion without activating this brown fat.

Brown or brown fat contains many mitochondria, the energy centers of cells

The presence of brown fat varies greatly from one individual to another depending on  sex (usually more brown fat in women than in men),  age (their number decreases with age) and the weight and level of blood glucose (there a higher percentage of brown fat in individuals with a healthy weight and normal levels of glycemia).

In summary, brown or brown fat tissue activates thermogenesis, ie “burns” or transforms triglycerides and glucose from the blood into energy, which also makes it a possible therapeutic weapon against diabetes.

Activate Your Brown Fat To Lose WeightHow To Activate Brown Fat Or Brown Fat?

If you can activate brown fat or brown fat, you will dissipate more energy in the form of heat. Scientists are looking for foods higher in brown fat and genes involved in activation to modulate through drugs or nutritional supplements that keep longer active brown fat tissue or t ransformen white fat brown (browning).

The goal is for the body to expend more energy, making it easier for you to reach and maintain your ideal weight. The most important thing is that the more overweight, the less brown fat, so the first thing to do to activate it is to lose weight with a healthy and balanced diet like the Coherent Diet.

It seems that exercise activates the transformation of white fat tissue into lean, so you know, follow a more active lifestyle:

The heart when it pulsates with intensity secretes hormones known as natriuretic peptides that activate brown or brown adipose tissue.

When the muscle contracts it secretes hormonal mediators like the irisine that transforms white fat into brown.

Physical exercise in childhood and adolescence programs your brown fat tissue to have a better cardiovascular profile in adulthood.

Eat apples and pears with skin. It appears that ursolic acid in your skin activates brown fat.

The cold activates the sympathetic nervous system secretes catecholamines that activate fat pa rda . So do not raise the heating thermostat too much at home.

Diets are emerging lately that take advantage of these discoveries as diet ice, the American Brian Weyner, based on the body to melt the ice need to burn calories. For this reason also Michael Symonds of the School of Medicine of the University of Nottingham recommends to take sorbets, ice cream, poles and ice cubes.

Activate Your Brown Fat To Lose WeightAnother type of fat most recent discovery, the beige fat or bright q ue produces less energy than brown and its mechanism of action is still unclear. Beige or bright fat cells are distributed through white adipose tissue, at different locations in the body. It appears that they are adipocytes with white fat that has been transformed into brown, by the irisine that is released during exercise.

There are hopeful years to get closer to the triggers of overweight, obesity and diabetes, if you want to activate these tissues we give you advice in our next post: 18 tips to burn fat.

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