An undiscovered gem of the attic?

Daytime television loves a good antique based show. Whether it’s watching some amateurs fail miserably to make any money out of the tat they find at a car boot sale or queuing for hours to bring in a butter dish that Aunt Mildred left them in 1975 on the Antiques Roadshow, we tend to lap it up. One of these shows is Cash in the Attic. The premise goes that someone has left you something and it’s up in the attic gathering dust. If only there was a way to get it down and have it valued.

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Up into the attic go the BBC researchers trying not to bump their heads on the Oak Roof Trusses installed to give it strength. Timberpride Oak Roof Trusses are some of the best and you can rest easy knowing that if you have an undiscovered Rembrandt up there somewhere it’s going to be perfectly protected and safe.

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As with any TV programme the reality is very different to what the programme makers want. They must have prior knowledge as to what the person they are going to see has hidden upstairs. There must be something in the attic of value otherwise it’s going to be a case of the presenters excitedly opening up a box and then being all disappointed as all they have inside is more dusty Christmas tree decorations, again. However most of the time they hit paydirt and the owner is very happy.


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