BMW X1 Xdrive25le Iperformance: Hybrid Mechanics Reaches The X1, But At The Moment Only For China


A year after the Bavarian company announced the second generation of its successful BMW X1, news came from the Beijing Motor Show that confirmed the arrival of an extended body variant that, for the moment, is only available to the market Chinese, exclusively manufactured at the BMW Brilliance’s Tiexi plant in Shenyang.

In the eastern part of the planet they have a certain devotion to this type of vehicles slightly longer than normal and, in the case of the BMW X1, may be a good reign for the German firm to grab a larger share of the marke . Today, from the Chengdu show, we have discovered that a new hybrid mechanic joins this extended body version, which has been christened BMW X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance .

BMW X1For the moment, I am very afraid that we will not see it in Europe – unless they give us a surprise in Paris – and, if it does, it would logically be associated with the short version of this compact SUV that is triumphing in our country. Aesthetically the changes are minor; including only a few details in blue that insinuate what is hidden in the bowels of the model, while for its development the Bavarian engineers have made use of all the elements that you can find in other hybrid models of the brand as the BMW 225xe Active Tourer we met a few months ago.

BMW X1To fully recharge the battery we will need 3 hours and 45 minutes, although reaching 80% of energy requires less than three hours.

Under the hood, this BMW X1 combines a petrol engine with 1.5 liter Turbo, only three cylinders and 136 hp with another 94 hp electric for a combined final power of 224 hp and a pair of 385 Nm . When the two engines work, this model is a total drive since the electric drives the wheels of the rear axle. The performance and consumption data are at very good level, at least as reported by the firm, being able to go from 0 to 100 km / h in only 7.4 seconds, while the consumption declared remains at a few 1, 8 l / 100 and in electric mode can travel about 60 km.BMW X1

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