Electric Cars ‘Feed’ Nissan Offices

Electric Cars 'Feed' Nissan Offices

Nissan has announced its new energy-saving system at the Geneva Motor Show. The office with integrated network of electric vehicles will be located in France and will have more than 100 car-to-grid chargers. The building’s energy storage system will be powered by 64 second-life batteries from the Nissan Leaf.

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Nissan has announced that its new regional office in France will have the largest existing integrated electric vehicle (EV) network system and the world’s second largest battery storage unit. The brand has confirmed the commitment to increase its experience in VE technology and raise its production to a new level. The office with integrated electric vehicle network system will have 100 car-to-grid chargers, which will allow Nissan’s electric range models to be charged during periods of low consumption.

The building will have an energy storage system, 1MWh, built by EATON ( more information ) powered by 64 second life batteries from the Nissan Leaf combined with energy generated by solar panels.

The company hopes to extend this innovative energy management to other facilities and offices around the world in the coming years. The system that will be installed in the new offices of Nissan in France will allow to test in real conditions everything that can be achieved when the full potential of the electric cars is used.

The future of the office with integrated system of electric vehicles has been unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show. Paul Wilcox, president of Nissan Europe, explained that “at Nissan, innovation goes beyond creating new things. We want to do better things. Electric car batteries allow us to expand our knowledge beyond production and Explore innovative formulas for storing and transferring energy.”

Electric Cars 'Feed' Nissan Offices“With the demonstration that electric vehicles can be an integral part of energy management systems in the future, the project is a key step on our way to a completely electric future.” By reducing reliance on the network and using the excess energy stored in EV batteries intelligently, Nissan believes the announcement made a radical change in the way individuals and businesses will use their electric vehicles.

Electric Cars 'Feed' Nissan OfficesThe new office with an integrated electric vehicle network system will reduce energy expenditure by reducing the network’s energy needs during periods of high consumption and taking advantage of the best rates to store energy. The new energy management system will also reduce the power contracted to the local power manager.

Electric Cars 'Feed' Nissan OfficesNissan announced during its COP21 last year in Paris its plans to generate a viable solution in the long term and compatible with the environmental protection of the use and storage of energy. This includes a partnership between Nissan and EATON to give electric vehicle batteries a second use for stationary power storage and collaboration with ENEL in the integrated vehicle network. In this sense, the first integrated network tests in Denmark have already been carried out.

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