Mercedes-Benz test CLA 220 CDI AMG 7G-DCT Line: The Car We All Want

Mercedes-Benz test CLA 220 CDI AMG 7G-DCT Line The Car We All Want

This week we bring you to the test section to a vehicle whose heady online makes everyone admire and whose price makes it a reasonable choice in the compact sedan line coupe where we can pigeonhole this is the new Mercedes-Benz CLA.

The Mercedes-Benz CLA is the first car that is manufactured exclusively in the new production plant in Kecskemét, Hungary. This plant was opened in early 2012 and production of the CLA began on January 3, 2013.

If you want to know what you thought us the CLA and what you could bring to acquire one pays attention to the following lines.

Mercedes-Benz test CLA 220 CDI AMG 7G-DCT Line The Car We All Want
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Framed within the family “A” of Mercedes-Benz by size but by pretending to be much more spectacular lines, CLA breaks with the established star brand to date.


The design team has moved the most characteristic features of the line of four-door coupe brand presenting the CLA as an evolution of a modern-day classic, the Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Mercedes-Benz test CLA 220 CDI AMG 7G-DCT Line The Car We All Want
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The CLA measures 4630 mm in length, 1,777 mm wide and 1,432 mm high. The battle is 2,699 mm.
With very sharp edges and very curved surfaces, the exterior of CLA has a design in which dominates a large network of concave and convex surfaces that create a very unique lines.

Its aggressive front stands out for its grill and hood in the form of “V”. In the central area of the grill diamond effect with silver pins are the star of the brand. At the ends are the headlamps that further accentuate lines the hood thanks to daylight LED modules inside the main module Xenon headlight, are like a “angry eyebrows”. The same is true of the indicators that are also made in the technology of LEDs . Our unit came equipped the “AMG Line” in the predominantly red, and the details in this color flood the vehicle both inside and out. In the case of headlamps are red rings around the Xenon projectors.

headlight CLA

Following a downward line on the design front, we find the sports front bumper with which our test unit had a Mercedes-Benz CLA 220 CDI 7G-DCT with AMG Line and Night Package. The front bumper incorporates three additional air intakes on the grill, a center located at the bottom of tuition and other two on either side. The six front parking sensors are integrated into the bumper and is millimetric accuracy.

Mercedes-Benz test CLA 220 CDI AMG 7G-DCT Line The Car We All Want
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The dynamic interaction between design and excellent aerodynamics are the consequence of the arcuate ceiling surface and the inclination of the front window. Optionally a large part of the roof may be glass having this option overcharged by about 1251 euros . The silhouette reveals smooth, flowing lines that end in a curved C – pillar reminiscent of the CLS. In the back of the roof we find a shiny black antenna serving the navigation system and radio.

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Mercedes Benz CLA

Laterally, the CLA is really attractive. The lateral surface is very clean, which improves exterior aesthetics but functionality penalized because we found no side protection against minor knocks.

Seen from the side, the CLA wins integers. As we said above is a “mini CLS”. Its design emphasizes the arched window line that rises in the side mirrors that integrate LED turn signals and optionally can be equipped with electric dejection, incorporating a lighting package courtesy and have the glossy black casing. The doors have no superior framework for the windows, prominent feature in other coupes four doors [ See test Volkswagen CC R ]

Mercedes-Benz test CLA 220 CDI AMG 7G-DCT Line The Car We All Want
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Mercedes benz cla test

The side view is optionally topped by a stunning AMG wheels with five double spokes enclosing a perforated front discs . In our unit, they mounted tires Continental ContiSportContact tires in sizes 225/40 R18. Although a disproportionate measures seem perfectly fill the wheel arches and on occasion we have said that the car wore little.

The concave and convex lines can also be seen in the rear of the vehicle. The taillights follow the line of the lateral line and tailgate. The rear lights lighting is provided in our unit using fiber optic cables and LED modules .

CLA taillight

The sloping rear window and trunk pronounced require the incorporation of a parking attendant. In our unit we had the parking aid with sensors. When meeting our unit equipped with the AMG Line , we find a muscular bumper with two air vents. There are also two oval exhaust outlets.

Seen from above our unit had a large part of the domed ceiling in black color, fruit of the optional addition of panoramic sunroof large surface, formed by a fixed polycarbonate on the front strip, a movable element mineral glass and moldings side.

Mercedes-Benz test CLA 220 CDI AMG 7G-DCT Line The Car We All Want
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Interior design

Inside the CLA continues the great step forward in terms of quality he gave at the time the new Class A Mercedes-Benz . [ See test Mercedes-Benz A-Class]. The new CLA – class saloon now becomes the 3 smallest Mercedes-Benz range bodies, including the class C.