What to Know About Auto Transport Insurance

Those in the middle of a long-distance move understand exactly how much stress this can bring. Just when you think you have the whole move planned out and ready to go, you realize you forgot something that completely alters your plans once again. One of the most obvious examples of this is your car. You would be amazed at how many people forget to plan for moving it while considering every other minute detail that comes up along the way.

This is why auto transport companies exist, they reduce the stress on the person and the wear and tear on the vehicle during a cross-country move. It doesn’t cost as much as you think and your car will experience much less wear and tear than it would if you were to drive it yourself during the relocation. Some people might be worried about the safety of their automobile while it is being transported on a trailer, but that’s why auto transportation insurance exists. You should consider these things before shipping your car with a transport company.

1. Remove all loose items from the interior of the vehicle – Unless you purchase extra insurance, the coverage probably won’t take care of any damage sustained to the interior of the vehicle. Because of this, you need to ensure that there aren’t any loose items that could cause damage to the windows of your vehicle if they go flying. This is one of the biggest causes of claims with this type of insurance.

2. Inspection – Be sure you are there when the transport company inspects your vehicle before commencing with the trip. This way, you can ensure that you are completely on the same page with the company regarding the condition of your vehicle before they take possession.

3. File a Complaint Immediately – If you feel like there is cause for you to file a claim with your insurance company, do so immediately. Also, be sure to document any of the damage that auto shippers may have done to your vehicle during the trip. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words in this case. The sooner you file a claim, the easier it will be to process the information and get the settlement you deserve. It will also ensure that the auto transport company doesn’t have time to change anything about the claim before you get it to the insurance agency.