How To Make A Public Relations Plan For Your Startup

How To Make A Public Relations Plan For Your Startup

When your project is in a very early stage or is a baby literally, the most common is that almost nobody knows your startup , the few who know it are in your closest circle and you need to make known your proposed value with the least money Possible . For this, the most sensible is to develop public relations and media plan to achieve maximum impact with these two intentions mainly:


Before taking action, I consider that there are some pre-tasks to take into account:

Monitor a little the sector where your startup is located: you can use a tool like to identify through social networks that are influential profiles that are worth contacting.

Do not shoot at all: it is important to monitor to select relevant people, media and communities. More than anything because you do not have enough resources and better tune from the beginning.

It works in different formats: Ideally, you have a complete press kit with articles, company definition, various photos and some viral video.

Think about the lifestyle of your potential customers: what social networks they are, what blogs they read, what their hobbies are what products they consume … All this will make you see possible meeting points online and offline.

Storytelling: As you know, people like stories and also retain the data better when accompanied by a common thread. Ride the story of your startup to the market.

How To Make A Public Relations Plan For Your StartupCONCRETE ACTIONS TO IMPULSE YOUR STARTUP

Some of the actions you can carry out are:

Press release for more traditional media: for this purpose you have digital companies where you can publish a press release and they will spread it at a reasonable price. This is the case of communication.

Express to the maximum of personal network: not much to comment, sometimes for reasons of shame or laziness missed opportunities that we had close.

Actions with bloggers: here it is not worth sending all bloggers a standard press release because it will hardly be published by anyone. At the SEO level you can penalize them. I at least would not … Here you have to look for attachments of different content, with some relevant story or news. Or what works well is to attach an article of interest where there is a mention and link to your startup. It will not be so visible but it will have more credibility and gain in effectiveness.

How To Make A Public Relations Plan For Your StartupSet up a webinar of interest: if you identify well the problem that you solve and the target audience you can set up an informative session in online format (webinar), give that valuable information and introduce the activity of your startup.

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Viral Actions: If you have the opportunity to make an entertaining or fun video to make your startup known, it can be an effective action as long as it fits into the overall communication strategy.

How To Make A Public Relations Plan For Your StartupEvents, conferences and more events: go to any event where you think your customers may be, interact with them because the context does not matter if your message is genuine.

In my opinion, the most important thing is that you personalize the messages according to the medium or context because it will be much more effective and of course, if you do not try different actions that can identify you do not expect different results (I.e.