Know The Main Impacts Of Esocial

Know The Main Impacts Of Esocial

Impacts Of Esocial

You’ve probably heard of eSocial, but amid so many acronyms and news that pop up every single time, do you know exactly what it is? ESocial will be responsible for rapid integration between the employer and the government. This new accessory obligation aims at integrating both the tax and social security and tax systems, guaranteeing benefits for government, employees and employer.

Follow the following points and get to know the main aspects of eSocial:


ESocial will become mandatory in 2016, after a period of extension, and its total obligation will only end in 2017, since it will start with large and medium-sized companies, and then goes to small and medium-sized and individual microentrepreneurs with an employee registered.

The main partners involved in the creation, which will form part of the eSocial consultation base are the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), the National Institute of National Insurance (INSS), the Federal Revenue Service (RFB), the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance Social Security (MPS) and Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF).

ESocial will unify and simplify the sending of the information to all these bodies and will allow for the custody and subsequent consultation, as well as verification and cross-checking of information regarding employees and employers.

Know The Main Impacts Of EsocialWorking relationships

Labor relations, which are already fairly standardized in Brazil, will require greater attention from employers. It is necessary to have good professionals working in the area of ​​human resources, taking care from the moment of admission, through medical examinations and until later changes and situations occurred in the life of the worker.

Know The Main Impacts Of EsocialTechnological Impacts

Not only with eSocial, but all the current ancillary obligations require companies to invest in good integrated management software that enables the automatic accounting and transmission of data related to the company’s movement.

The standards established by the eSocial Guidance Manual should be observed, as well as other requirements, such as the sequencing of the information sent.


The company’s processes should also be reviewed, since there must be a perfect harmony between the human resources department, the legal department, the accounting department and the financial department.

It is necessary to raise awareness among all those involved in labor processes about the importance of correct data insertion, in addition to observing the deadline, a strong eSocial requirement.

Know The Main Impacts Of EsocialSectors that will have the greatest impact

Since the number of changes and situations that pervade the life of an employee is quite large and, since the adoption of eSocial, they should be informed immediately, companies such as those working in the civil construction sector will have to review their processes due to the great number of employees hired and fired.

The retail and food sectors, which have a large number of hirings related to the first job, for example, will need a greater agility in the delivery of the documents to formalize these contracts of employment.

ESocial does not bring changes in the labor question, however, more attention and speed is needed in the processes, which will be more reliable and, on the other hand, will allow for a greater government charge. In this way, we must adapt and be attentive to this new requirement.

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