Useful Tips: How To Arrange The Menu For The Restaurant

Useful Tips: How To Arrange The Menu For The Restaurant

The menu is considered to be a list of appetizers, dishes, desserts, spirits, non-alcoholic cocktails that are sold in a particular institution. Some restaurants offer their guests several types of menus: for breakfast, for lunch, for a buffet table and so on. Sometimes drinks are added separately to the wine list. As for cocktails, a cocktail menu is often created for them.

Useful Tips: How To Arrange The Menu For The Restaurant

The specifics of the design component

Immediately it is worth talking about the rules of beautiful menu design. Literate restaurateurs know that it is necessary to take it extremely seriously, as the menu not only attracts guest attention but also causes a serious desire to try a couple of dishes. Thanks to the beautiful, well-chosen illustrations will quickly evoke appetite.

The design component is also considered extremely important. Any person wants to open the menu and read it with good emotions. For this, it is important to make an optimal spatial relationship between the text and the empty font.

Particular attention is often paid to the font and format. This kind of technical elements allows customers to read the menu extremely quickly and easily. Excludes any strikethroughs, manual additions, spelling errors, or incorrect names. Moreover, in one menu in no case should not be used several types of font. It is recommended to highlight the main dishes with graphic elements, a different background or place colorful pictures. It is necessary to ensure that the text was not only beautiful but also easy to read.

To determine the correct color scheme, it will suffice to look at the color of the room and use it during the menu design. Some restaurant owners overdo it and use almost all the colors of the rainbow, but it should not be forgotten that this may cause irritation to the guests. Bright colors will look ridiculous if the restaurant is made in restrained and strict shades. The client will not accurately appreciate this, which will lead to contradictions. It is recommended to focus not only on the aesthetic component but also the correct design.

Useful Tips: How To Arrange The Menu For The Restaurant

How to properly design the menu?

While planning all the individual items, you need to take into account the psychology and different tastes of customers.

Immediately it is necessary to do a price review. To do this, determine the average level of income in the city, the most frequently consumed food and the most non-moving. It is necessary that the list of dishes necessarily rely on guest addictions, otherwise, the restaurant will cease to be profitable.

It is recommended to add a description to each dish so that the person understands the prestige of the establishments and is convinced of his status. Descriptions should be concise, accurate and fair. In addition, almost all customers want to get acquainted with the basics of cooking the menu and the name of the ingredients used. If necessary, you can get acquainted with the origin of products and methods of cooking side dishes.

It should be the most responsible approach to the issue of registration of the children’s menu if it is really planned. It is also recommended to focus on the correct sequence of information. On the cover is usually placed the name of the institution or its logo, on the first pages are given information about the history of the kitchen, which is offered to visitors, or tells the legend.

Useful Tips: How To Arrange The Menu For The Restaurant

How best to describe the dishes on the menu?

The description of dishes is required at least in order for the client to know the specifics of the preparation and composition of his order. Moreover, the presentation of the dish is an undeniable testimony to the prestige of the institution. Due to the long reading of the menu, the order process may be slowed down. If there is an element of uniqueness in cooking, you should definitely talk about such information (we are talking about roasting in the oven, grill, frying pan, smoking, etc.).

If ingredients used are called unusual and unique, then this can be indicated. It is also recommended to list the ingredients that are essential for creating a particular dish. Often the focus is on the geographical origin of the products, the method of garnish design and much more. In the case of using a well-known, traditional name of dishes, it is not necessary to make a description of the cooking method.

Useful Tips: How To Arrange The Menu For The Restaurant

The advantages of using the electronic menu

Recently, more and more restaurants are switching to the electronic menu and doing it for good reason, because it has many advantages:

  • The consumer has the opportunity to make an order without having to wait for the waiter.
  • You can instantly familiarize yourself with additional information regarding culinary products, the composition of ingredients, recipes, energy value, a method of preparation and the like.
  • The electronic menu allows you to effectively organize complex types of food, because visitors can complete breakfast, lunch, and dinner according to their tastes, given the caloric content of dishes.
  • Client orders are immediately sent to the kitchen and administrators places. By the way, the chance of making an error is almost completely minimized, thereby increasing the level of quality of service and reducing the time to fulfill an order.
  • The availability of electronic menu software allows you to play games, read the news or watch videos while waiting for an order.

Thus, the electronic menu is a full-fledged analog of the paper one. With its help, the owner has the opportunity at any time to easily add or exclude from the range the necessary drinks or dishes. At the same time, there is no need to waste time and finances on expensive design services each time when additions or modifications to the menu are required.