Getting Used to Motorway Driving

Driving on the motorway for the first time is usually a nerve-wracking experience. Once you have passed your test and are planning that first big journey, it is likely to involve going on the motorway, at least for some of the journey, so making sure that you are ready to confidently use the motorway beforehand is a good idea if you want to be safe and comfortable whilst you are travelling.

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Here are some of the things that you can do to help you make your first motorway journey a good one…

Prepare Beforehand – To make sure that you and your car are ready for the trip, make sure that the vehicle is topped up with oil and water. You should also have checked that everything that you might need is working, such as your lights and of course your brakes! You should also make sure that your tyres are not worn down – check the tread to make sure they are ok.

Get to Know the Motorway Signs – There may be some things that you will see on the motorway that you haven’t come across on other roads. Smart motorways can be found in many areas now and it is a good idea to learn about them before setting out as they do differ from the other parts of the motorway. You should also be aware of markings on vehicles like chapter 8 chevrons such as this and what vehicles will display them, as well as motorway warning or information signs.

Have a Break when Necessary – When you are driving on the motorway it can be a part of a long journey. It might be that you feel tired when you are new to it as you will be concentrating more. If you feel like this, then keep an eye on the signs that tell you where the service stations are. Here you will be able to stop and have a rest, have a drink and something to eat and use the toilet.

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Keep your Distance – Because the speeds on the motorway are higher, then of course the stopping distance is longer. You should ensure that you keep a good distance back from the vehicle in front because of this. In some areas of the motorway, this will be marked out with chevrons on the floor which tell you how far to keep apart.