How Cerebral Palsy can affect you

Cerebral palsy is a disability that affects an individual’s mobility and their posture. The way in which a person’s mobility is affected can differ and in some cases individuals may need support from walking aids and for others they may use WAV Vehicles like the ones from to enable them to remain in a wheelchair whilst they are in a car or other vehicle. This could be as the driver or as a passenger.

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There are over 17 million people worldwide who have been diagnosed with the disability. The condition develops as a result of damage to the brain that occurs either during pregnancy, birth or immediately after birth. In most cases the underlying cause for cerebral palsy occurring in children is unknown.

Cerebral palsy can cause a number of symptoms and for many this manifests as weakness or uncontrollable muscle spasms. These can occur in any of the muscles within the body. For some they may also experience difficulties in speaking and swallowing and others may have bladder and bowel issues.

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In order to help an individual with some of these symptoms there are a variety of medications that can be taken as well as regular physiotherapy to help with strengthening the muscles. Mobility aids can also help the person live as independent a life as possible and will allow them to get around and attend school, work and social activities.