Household Jobs for Spring

Spring is upon us, finally! This time of year is traditionally the time when we have a good thorough clean, throw open the windows and freshen everything up. Here are some ideas to include in your spring clean this year:


We all have far too much stuff cluttering up our homes. A good rule is that if you haven’t used something for a year, then it’s time for it to go. Try to avoid sending it to landfill and sell good quality second-hand items online or at a boot sale. You’ll be amazed at how much free space this will give you, making your home feel lighter, airier, and bigger!

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Get your carpets cleaned

Carpets contain a lot of dirt, dust, and bacteria – made worse by a winter of trampling in all kinds of mud, rain and goodness knows what else into the house! Having a professional clean will remove lurking allergens in the carpet fibres and leave your home feeling fresher, looking better and much healthier too.

Oven clean

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it! If you’re doing it yourself, try some bicarbonate of soda, leave overnight and wipe clean the following day. Alternatively, call in the professionals to clean your oven for you if it’s a task you just can’t face. That way you can turn your attention to other aspects of the spring clean while the magic happens.

Clean the fridge

Not many of us clean our fridge as often as we should, so that over time food, spills and water can accumulate. Did you know that you can use toothpaste and a toothbrush to easily get rid of stains in hard-to-reach areas of your fridge? Once you’ve brushed out the stains and got the bits out of awkward corners, wipe clean with an antibacterial cloth. If any unpleasant odours are lingering, cut a lemon in half and place each half on the bottom and top shelf inside the fridge.

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Check your central heating

Now your heating is not likely to be switched on as much, this is a good time to fix any issues you’ve noticed during the winter before the boiler sits idle until autumn. Check the boiler pressure, bleed any radiators that need bleeding and arrange a service if you’ve not had one for over a year. If you are looking for a Plumber Cheltenham based company visit

Freshen up bedding

Over time our favourite duvet sets can fade and might not feel as fresh as they could. Don’t throw them out but treat them to a soaking in bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. This will give them a deep clean and eliminate any smells. Rinse them thoroughly afterwards to remove the vinegar smell. Bicarbonate of soda is also great for freshening up a mattress. Sprinkle it over the mattress, leave to settle for 8 hours and use the vacuum to get rid of any remaining powder.