How concrete can be used

There are numerous uses for the substance known as concrete. Its primary purpose, as Concrete Cheltenham based supplier will tell you, is that of construction. However, to simply say construction is something of an understatement; there are countless elements of concrete that can be used in construction and also in the art world as well. Here are a few examples.

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  1. Foundations. We humans soon learnt that if you want something to remain strong and up for centuries, it needs a strong foundation. The unrivalled material for this was discovered to be concrete. First, a level of hardcore is placed down; this is general rubble for the most part. Then a base of reinforced concrete is laid. Reinforced means it is poured over a steel or iron lattice frame for strength.
  2. The building itself. In the past, slabs of concrete have been bolted together to build homes quickly and efficiently. This precast mix was popular, but the wear and tear of the buildings began to show, and many have had to be repaired.

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  1. Brutalism. Entire office, retail and housing buildings have been made out of concrete. Starting in the 1950s, this was a very popular and modern way of regenerating town and city centres.
  2. Artwork. By using a frame of iron to reinforce it, many artists have experimented with the material as a source of inspiration for shape and design. Many have translated well to gardens and decorative outdoor features.


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