Farming – The Riskiest Job you can Do?

Farming is an essential industry and in the UK our farmers are relied upon to provide us with the food that we eat. Farming is something that humans have been doing for centuries, and it is also a job that can bring with it significant risks – in fact there are reports that state it is one of the top most dangerous jobs you can have.

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Ensuring that you are safe when working on the farm is crucial, as there have sadly been many accidents over the years, many which have been very serious and even deadly. In order to help make the farm a safer place to work, a company like this farm health and safety company is able to help – here are some of the biggest dangers of working on a farm…

Falls – Some farm jobs involve working at height, and this then means that falls can be a risk of the job. Working high up in a barn for example, can be a dangerous thing and you should always take precautions when doing so.

Machinery – Modern farming involves a wide range of machinery, much of which has sharp blades as well as the potential to critically injure a person.

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Bad Weather – One of the big things that farming includes is the fact that you are needed to be outdoors whatever the weather. When the weather is bad, this in itself can bring with it significant risks, especially when you are doing jobs like operating machinery, and have poor weather conditions to contend with.