Causes of Female Betrayal

Causes of Female Betrayal

Surveys conducted by analytical agencies show that about 40% of women cheat on men who are married or dating. Approximately 30% of the ladies are also wrong, but mentally, not daring to the real adultery. Why does this happen, women change because of polygamy, low self-esteem or inattention of a spouse? Let’s find the answers to these important questions right now.

Psychology of female treason

The exact cause of adultery is impossible to determine, but most often they are due to a number of family or psychological problems. For example, American professor Alicia Walker, who conducted research in the framework of test groups, concluded that the cause of women’s changes is the desire to maintain relationships. Many of the respondents were looking for a new partner through dating sites, which guarantee some anonymity.

Paradoxically, however, ladies from 24 to 65 years old said that they love their husbands, but lack intimate relationships in family life. It can be interpreted in such a way that a woman is satisfied with the character of a man, his habits, financial situation, therefore she is ready to compensate for the lack of bright emotions and passion with the help of adultery.

Other reasons pushing women for treason

The second reason that makes women cheat on men is emotional burnout. It may develop in the background:

  • carelessness husband
  • financial problems;
  • negative microclimate in the family;
  • lack of romance;
  • sexual dissatisfaction;
  • passive husband.

The representative of the stronger sex, having won the heart of her beloved, moves away from romance. The dull life comes to replace the candy and bouquet period, and the lion’s share of household work is assigned to the woman’s shoulders: washing, cleaning, cooking, and so on. As a result, a woman starts to get bored, she suffers a lack of attention and masculine care, therefore, involuntarily or purposefully, she begins to look for a person who will give her these emotions.


Some women living with one man are just bored. Stable relationships do not attract these ladies, but they do not leave, worrying about children, fearing to lose some material wealth, not wanting to upset relatives, fearing to make a responsible decision. In this case, betrayal is considered as a way to get bright impressions or an act of protest, it is comparable to jumping with a parachute or riding a motorcycle.

Causes of Female Betrayal


Devaluation is a real psychological poison that destroys relationships. A man begins to convince a woman that she looks bad, her interests are nothing, and her friends and work are a waste of time. A woman becomes dependent on her partner, she is morally depressed, so any compliment or attention signs become a breath of fresh air for her. Ladies who are faced with the process of depreciation, go on treason, not only for the sake of new experiences. No, they see her as an opportunity to find a new man to create a family in which both partners will have equal rights and opportunities.

Desire for revenge

Women are more loyal to adultery, but if they find out about him, they seek revenge. It is the feeling of revenge that pushes the ladies to marital infidelity, which can significantly increase self-esteem.

Women’s treason as a way to get attention

Some married men consider marriage from the point of view of practicality: they head off to work, go on business trips, develop a business, giving the wife a minimum amount of time. They believe that the family is financially secured, his wife has 3 fur coats gathering dust in her closet, she goes on vacation to hot countries several times a year, so the duties are 100% complete. A woman in such a family does not experience a feeling of happiness, because the husband is not actually present in her life. Therefore, she gets a lover, seeking to make her husband jealous. This method should not be considered as promising, because according to statistics, more than 90% of men consider betrayal a betrayal, therefore they do not forgive unfaithful wives.

Negative influence

Often, friends and relatives convince a woman that her marriage or man is not ideal, constantly describing the benefits of treason. Sooner or later, the woman begins to doubt, and then still begins to secretly meet with a new partner. Of course, an absolutely happy girl will not go to adultery on the advice of a friend, but most often there are some problems in relationships, so there is always something to complain about.

An accident

Random betrayals are not uncommon, they occur under the influence of emotions or other factors. However, married women tend to quickly forget the perfect mistake, feel remorse, not wanting to establish constant communication with a casual partner.

Salvation or problem: the consequences of treason

Most women after treason do not feel moral satisfaction, because if they do not leave her husband, then life turns into a real quest. You have to set a password on your phone and laptop, quickly delete all messages that another man sends, constantly lying to her husband. The negative effects of betrayals can manifest themselves in different forms, consider the most relevant:

  • constant guilt;
  • fear that the husband, friends, parents, child learn the truth;
  • a feeling of insecurity;
  • moral torment in the event that the new partner also has a family.

All these experiences have a negative impact on the psycho-emotional state of a woman. The dream worsens concentration of attention decreases. There may also be pressure from the new partner, insisting that the beloved leave the family.

What to do to prevent infidelity?

If a woman feels the need for treason, then she has two ways. The first is a serious conversation with her husband, which allows eliminating negative factors that have a destructive effect on the marriage or relationship. In this case, the couple can visit a psychologist, go on vacation, bring new feelings and impressions to the relationship, clouded by life and difficulties. The second is a breakup of relations, but this cardinal way is relevant only for those women who regularly experience physical or psychological family violence.

Summing up, it is worth saying that any relationship can be restored, but it is necessary to work on it for a long time and carefully. Random or constant betrayal is a way to abstract, but it will never help solve real problems.

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